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there went the hair

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wow-big day-first short hair since she was a baby!
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1/60 second
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50 mm
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Sep 28, 2006, 5:43:10 PM
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This is such a cute style! I've been thinking about getting a short haircut, and I love this. Do you have any pics of the back?
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I used this picture for the reference for my hair cut today. Thank you for posting this great picture!
i really like teh hairs :D
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thank you-I'll tell her!
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What a beautiful portrait! Very well done! :clap:
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Well done for a spur of the moment image. The lighting works very well. I also have a SB-600 and I quit like it.
My only suggestion would be to watch for shadows that on camera flash has a tendency to create, such as across her shoulder/torso in the lower left of the frame.
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I think the shadow was from the door next to her. I do have to say lighting is probably my biggest problem/challenge. Technical stuff is so boring to me that I'm really more of a point and shoot person! But I am trying to learn. Thanks for the thoughts!
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i wouldnt say that short lol but its lovely anyway
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Oh, I forgot to ask: what did you use for lighting...looks really directional. A snoot? A window?
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I used the Nikon Speedlight SB-600 but there was also light coming in the window behind her (these were taken in the bathroom as a spur of the moment thing)
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Did you use some form of baffle on the flash, or were you just reeeallly close? Because, artistically, it's pretty cool with the 'snoot effect' (meaning there's a window of light spotlighting her face, and it dramatically drifts off on other parts of the subject)...and then the 'backdrop' appears evenly lit. Makes for nice contrast. And, of course, the framing and head tilt is nice too. Imagine fashion and beauty photographers who have to try and make people look like this...all day long! :)
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I think I was pretty close-it was the 50mm lens so it has no zoom-you have to stand as close as you need to and the flash just had the little cover that comes with it to diffuse. The backdrop is the shower of course-it was just a lucky shot. : )
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Ah, very nice. Yeah, the flashes that have built-in flip-down diffusers are nice. I like my Omnibounce though!
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Wow! Totally different look. I'm glad you and your daughter are getting into the technical aspects of portraiture...she has great skin tone, and it's a shame to see it too over- or under-exposed. The recent shots you two have been taking have been improving both technically and artistically!
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Thanks! It's mostly luck!
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Well, I hope you continue to "luck" your way into awesome shots like this!
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it's hair-it will grow...not to worry
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wow, looks awesome!!
and she has amazing eyes.
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Thanks! I think the haircut does bring out her eyes!
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=] no problem.
i can't get over how gorgeus she is
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how sweet-I'll pass that on to the model [link]
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