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Ballora by Florrosada12 Ballora :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 8 1 Babydoll by Florrosada12 Babydoll :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 11 0 Magical Gems: Sugilite by Florrosada12 Magical Gems: Sugilite :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 4 0
Ib Part 7
The last few things that Garry clearly remembered were a high pitched laugh, and pain. So much pain... and the dull, sluggish feeling of trying desperately to hold on, since the last thing he had wanted to do was leave a child alone with a psychotic little girl, but that was what had happened. And as such, he had no idea what he would awaken to see.
It certainly wasn't the two sitting in a corner of the room, chatting and the realization that, save for a slight headache, he was ok...
Even though he was sure he had died. And that was even more mind boggling because people don’t come back from being dead.
That wasn’t the shocking part however, that happened the minute he managed to pull his body upright. The two practically bolted out the room and down the hall, and they were already at the other end of the room as it was.
As his vision cleared, he noticed that they looked... almost scared. Which, when saying that about Mary, was odd, since he was sure sh
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Mature content
Downfall :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 1 0
Humanize My Gems Contest Entry: Diaspore by Florrosada12 Humanize My Gems Contest Entry: Diaspore :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 2 0 Magical Gems: Amethyst by Florrosada12 Magical Gems: Amethyst :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 4 0 HER by Florrosada12
Mature content
HER :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 13 6
Gemsona Week: Thursday (Late) by Florrosada12 Gemsona Week: Thursday (Late) :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 0 0 Not What She Seems by Florrosada12 Not What She Seems :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 16 4 ID by Florrosada12 ID :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 2 6 Magical Gems: Malachite by Florrosada12 Magical Gems: Malachite :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 2 3 Magical Gems: Steven and Connie by Florrosada12 Magical Gems: Steven and Connie :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 9 3 Magical Gems: Centipeedle by Florrosada12 Magical Gems: Centipeedle :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 6 2 The Tea Goddess by Florrosada12 The Tea Goddess :iconflorrosada12:Florrosada12 2 0
Ib Part 6
Hand in hand, the two shuffled further into the darkness. Having lost the ability to see a while ago, the girls slowly felt each door, tested each knob and felt every blank stretch of wall that passed by.
“I think the entrance is around here somewhere.” Ib whispered. “I don’t remember much, everything was really hazy, but I think we walked down this way...”
She grasped and tested a knob.
“I would say that I wish we could see, but whenever I wanted anything, Garry would find a way to make it happen.“
"Really?" Mary whispered fearfully.
"Yeah... but I think we can get out of here safely if we-"
A sharp bang echoed down the hall, causing them to jump.
They didn’t need to guess what that meant, and as the blackness slowly began to lift, their fears were confirmed.
Softly, the two scurried down the hall before, finally, two opened. Mary grasped the knob of the door she held and slammed it shut before racing through the door Ib held open
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We Are Damned: Part One
It had been nearly eight years since Isabelle had been to an art gallery. This exact one, to be specific. The last time she'd been to this place was when she was nine, and she couldn't remember enough about the experience to say she liked it or not. Summer vacation had just begun, and the art gallery was holding a viewing of Guertena's works, the very same artist that was featured the last time she'd visited. Her parents chose not to accompany her this time. Instead, she was going alone.
She entered the gallery with a nervous smile. Already, the place was packed. Some older couples stared at her curiously. Her hair was styled the same as always, and her clothing consisted of a bright red skirt and a white long sleeved dress shirt with chest pockets. She'd just bought new shoes, black Mary Janes, and was wearing a pair of white laced stockings beneath. She hoped she looked fashionable enough to attend the gallery viewing.
Strangely, she wasn't even sure of why she'd wanted to come
:iconmorgensternzombie:MorgensternZombie 34 33
Promises Of Midnight Macaroons
"I have to see you again."
My footsteps echoed through the corridor that was bathed with a mix of a soft violet and a powerful royal blue.
Where am I?   I mused as I continued.
A hand rested softly on my shoulders as we walked.
Who is that? I wondered in my thoughts.
A red rose was clutched in my small hands protectively, its soft velvet petals letting off some sort of mellow glow.
I turned around but nobody was there, meaning I was alone in the corridor. I began walking again, back to where I was headed.
Where am I going?   I thought to myself silently.
The corridor seemed to stretch on forever, the only sound was my footsteps as I walked. I felt the hand resting on my shoulder but knew there was no one there.
"The rose…"
I stopped walking and felt the sudden urge to turn around. Not being able to resist the temptation, I slowly turned and something caught my eye. A full and beautiful blue rose
:iconwolf4821:Wolf4821 94 35
The Madness of Garry
Purple, dark, creepy; those were many of the words Garry would use to describe the area he was in now. But, the area he was in now was not the thing Garry was so creeped out by. Hauntingly, the blue doll's big red eyes stared up at him. He shivered at the thought of having to touch the thing, but it had to be done in order to get the paint ball inside it's bulging stomach. He reached for the doll slowly, but the already strained seams that held the dolls stomach in place popped, and what rolled out was a red ball of paint. The purple haired, skinny man reached down and touched the slimy paint ball, not surprised as the coldness from the ball disappeared along with the paint ball. He knew that it would be in it's proper spot on the pedestal in the other room, so he wasn't worried or even surprised as he had been the first time.
The doll hopped up and down in anger at the fact that it's treasure had been taken from it by the man it had been trying to be friends with throughout the last h
:iconshadowedlove97:ShadowedLove97 84 22
conch by hiliuyun conch :iconhiliuyun:hiliuyun 261 14 Billy's Bucket List -epilogue- by illeity Billy's Bucket List -epilogue- :iconilleity:illeity 481 104
Old Habits -Ib+Oneshot-
Garry flicked his smoked cigarette to the ground, stomping it out with his heel as he faintly heard the final school bell ring. He waited patiently as the students began flooding out the entrance gates, talking of how they were going to just waste their days away, as opposed to studying for tests or working on school projects. He exhaled the plume of smoke he had been holding back, and settled his hands into his pockets. It was just like every other day.
Ever since their reunion after the art gallery, Garry made it a point to see Ib everyday. After school he would walk her home or to his house to help her study. If it were a weekend, the two of them would go to the cafe and have some macaroons and some drinks—juice for her, coffee for him. Then after that, they'd stop at Garry's apartment just to hang out and talk about random things. There was quite an age gap between the two, but Ib was Garry's best friend.
The aforementioned girl rounded the corner to the entrance, walking to
:iconhalfmetal-alchemist:Halfmetal-Alchemist 178 61
Ib All Alone - Oneshot
'One of us holds something special to you. Can you find it?'
Garry hastily read the paint scribble on the door—the locked door—and quickly whirled around seeing the many doll faces staring back at him. He didn't like dolls. Garry wasn't sure where this fear had emerged, but something about the blue-faced messy-haired rag dolls made him uneasy.
The fact that a very violent, unpleasant looking one was crawling through the painting didn't help, either.
Franticly, he dashed forward, noticing some of the dolls looked a little overstuffed.
'Something special,' he thought to himself. 'Maybe its inside the belly of this doll!'
Garry tossed his fear away, and grabbed the doll with both hands, tugging at its stomach with his slender fingers. When he couldn't get the fabric to budge, he tore at it with his teeth. With a rip, the seam became undone, and the contents inside...
Some paper crumbled up.
Garry let out a f
:iconhalfmetal-alchemist:Halfmetal-Alchemist 178 70


This picture really makes me feel like some amazing climatic battle is about to occur. The expressions on the gem, Ice Quartz, and her ...


Hey Guys.

I just wanted to put up a message to let you all know that I probably won’t be on DA as often as I used to. I may post something once in a while, but for the most part, I’m going to be putting my art on tumblr. Please private message me if you want the link to it.

I started this account in high school, and it was back when I wasn't at all confident in my abilities as an artist, but as time passed, I've become a lot more confident. But while I've grown, I guess I still associate this account with my late teen years. This isn't a spur of the moment choice for a while, I've known that this account won't last forever, and the idea had scared me before, but now, I feel peaceful, and excited for what the future holds. 

So thank you all for supporting me, giving me feedback, and just being there for me. I wish all of you well and hope to see you at my tumblr.



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