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TDW Chapter 70: Izzy vs. Sugar
I decided to do another chapter for TDW, since I always update this fic with more than one chapter ;) Anyway, last time, Jo lost badly to Sky after she was slammed through two table by Sky from a German Suplex... now it's time for more Divas action as it's Sugar vs. Izzy one on one... who will be victorious... find out now!
"Welcome back to TDW, I'm The Rated R Superstar, Edge along with my commentary team, Ric Flair and the Tennis Rivals, Pete and Gerry! Now just moments ago, The Take-No-Prisoner Behind Jock-ette, Jo lost to the returning Female Athlete, Sky in a tables match as she slammed her with a Germen Suplex through two tables, winning the match."
"I thought Jo had her when she held her in the choke slam but it looks like that girl is something the other divas should be worried about, hahaha!" Pete said the bell soon rang for the next match.
"The following Divas match up is set for one fall!" Kelly announced as Country music begins playing, "Introducing first, she is the
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 0 3
Mature content
Friendship Threesome Fun :iconfloresfire:floresfire 4 55
TDW Chapter 69: Sky vs. Jo in a Tables Match
Hello there everyone, first of all as always, I apologize for the long wait... I noticed it's almost been half a year since I posted a chapter for this fic. As usual, busy with my other fanfics and as well as school. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop working on my fanfics... I'll still be around, so don't you worry my fellow readers.
Now then, last time Ennui defended his United States title against Topher in a rematch from Bad Karma, Topher made the mistake as Ennui sent him down to hell and retain the U.S title but also, both he and Crimson as well as Loki, honor the win in the name of The Undertaker! Now, it's time for another Divas match, it's Jo vs. Sky in a tables match! Will Jo no more mercy and slam Sky into the table or will Sky get her revenge on one of the divas that cost her chance at the Divas title? Find out now on TOTAL... DRAMA.. WWE! BTW, this is the start of when I now use the competitors' full name in all the matches as of now.
(But also, place your v
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 1 8
TDW commissioner, Jacob Masters by floresfire TDW commissioner, Jacob Masters :iconfloresfire:floresfire 1 2
Mature content
Tonight They Purge! Chapter 7 :iconfloresfire:floresfire 1 2
Mature content
Commission: Hot Hotel Love Making :iconfloresfire:floresfire 5 12
Mature content
Mike's Sexy Bunny Reward Surprise :iconfloresfire:floresfire 9 36
Commission: TD Winter Time Adventure
This commission is for mastergamer20 who asked for a TD Winter adventure between a few of his favorite characters. BTW, sorry to everyone for not updating any of my fics or the commissions I own to some, classes was tough for me this semester but I'm done with them next week, so be on lookout for new fics I have
Takes place during February, enjoy the fic

   It was a cold February morning; Mike, Zoey, Gwen, Cameron, Dawn, Brick and Sammy all decided to have a fun day in the snow. The group of friends were inside Gwen's van, driving to a good location for their snow day adventure. "It's nice that we all agreed to have a nice snow day today. It's been snowing like crazy last week, it was like the 2nd biggest blizzard that ever happened in Canada!" The group laughed at Mike's comment about the massive snow storm that's happened recently. 'Yeah! The cloud and wind were incredible and the cold surrounding nearly caused another ice age.' The group once again share another l
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 4 5
B-day gift: Drama Guardians vs. TD Villans of Doom
This is a birthday gift for my pal, Erin aka mastergamer20 . Since he and a few other DA Members have been doing the TD Hero vs. Villain AU for a long while now and since I really do like it, I decided to do a TD Superhero vs Super Villain fic for this birthday.
Enjoy the fic 
    On a windy March evening, at the Drama Guardian headquarters, the heroes were doing their own things. Sammy, Jasmine, Gwen and Courtney were practicing combats skills; Crimson and Zoey were practicing their aiming with targets; Mike and Cameron were practicing a new team move that involves Mike's tornado and Cam's blasters; Dawn was helping Shawn mediate for a bit while Ennui was looking through his and Crimson's spell book, trying to learn a new trick. 
    "Let's see...." Ennui look through a page and decided to use a spell he find. He started the chat and created a dark flame ball. "Interesting..." Ennui burned the flame out and kept looking until... there was a alarm.
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 4 11
Mature content
Commission: Hot Pleasure with his Le-Goddess :iconfloresfire:floresfire 7 17
Their First Valentine's Day
Here a little MxZ Valentine's Day fic for all the MxZ fan everywhere. Happy Early Valentine's Day to you all
    It was February 14th, 2013; Valentine’s Day, the day of love and gift giving for people who have love ones and who how much they love each other no matter what. Today was a very special day for two love birds, walking through the sideway was a tall slim teen boy, with dark brown spiky hair, chocolate brown eyes, dark tan skin and was wearing a nice white shirt with a light brown open button sweater, black pants and shoes while holding a beautiful bouquet of red roses with the thrones gone and a box of chocolates. His name is Mike Peterson, he's former contender from the reality TV series, Total Drama, where he attended the fourth season of the series and where he met the love of his life, Zoey Roth.
    Mike and Zoey first met during the fourth season and gotten along very smoothly, however, throughout the season, Mike was having tr
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 4 5
Commission: Kimber Meets The Deliquent
Commission for Devil-InThe-Details who asked for a TD fic about her OC, Kimber, attending the first season if Total Drama and meeting the delinquent, Duncan. This is the 5th and final TD One-Shot commission I got from the Journal I made on November. 
Takes place during the first week of Total Drama Island. Enjoy the fic, everyone 
Kimber Hobbes belongs to Devil-InThe-Details 
The TD characters belong to Fresh T.V 
    It was a warm sunny afternoon, a boat was driving through the sea towards the island of Camp Wawanakwa, where the first season of the new reality show, Total Drama Island, was being hosted at. On the boat was the driver and a female who was holding her lodge, holding her clothes. She had purple hair that had two long pig tails, envy green eyes, a dark purple dress that had light purple details on the top and bottom of the dress, and black small heel shoes. Her name is Kimber Hobbes, she was heading to Camp Wawanakwa, to compete and w
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 1 3
Mature content
Commission: TD Boys Aladdin Bondage Trap :iconfloresfire:floresfire 4 0
Mature content
The Cast's Death Chapter 27 :iconfloresfire:floresfire 2 0
Commission: Outback Australian Adventure
Commission for mastergamer20 who asked for a Jasmine x Shawn one shot, he told me to choice three theme and I decided to do the Australian adventure fic. Now again, this is one of the other five commissions from the journal that I posted on November, (this is #3) Commissions are still closed but like I said, I will reopen them very soon. 
Anyway, this take places about a few months after Pahkitew Island, enjoy :)
   A few months passed after the season finale of Total Drama Pahkitew Island. After winning the season and the million-dollar prize, Shawn kept his promise and decided to split the money with his girlfriend, Jasmine, who was glad that he kept his promise about splitting the money evenly. Jasmine used her half and opened her flower shop/Cage Fighting School that she always dreamed about when she was young. Shawn used part of his money to buy supplies to build his Zombie proof bunker, even though he didn't have the full million dollars to design what he r
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 5 2
Commission: Birthday gift for His Devin
This is a commission for Paul aka Magnetic-LightPulse who asked for a one shot about his OC, Paul, find the perfect birthday gift for his boyfriend, Devin.
Before you read this, I will say this, I decided very soon, I will reopen commissions.... for the whole year! Yup, it's new year so I decided to reopen commission for a whole year, but not yet. I'll reopen them soon. Also, this is the 2nd fic from the five commission I'm working on from the journal I made in November. (Again, sorry for the other three who are waiting for their commission.)
Anyway, enjoy the fic :)
    About a year passed after the Power Foursome; Harold, Duncan, Ennui and Devin, spoke about their life and how they were doing with their partners. It was also after when Paul, Devin's boyfriend, suggested the four to have a weight lifting contest at the gym, in which, Paul won. On a warm summer evening at Santa Monica beach, Paul and Devin were taking a nice walk around the beach, admiring the lo
:iconfloresfire:floresfire 7 6


Dawn's Swimwear - Commission by EvaHeartsArt Dawn's Swimwear - Commission :iconevaheartsart:EvaHeartsArt 45 14 Gift: Towel Girls (TD 2nd Gen) by mastergamer20 Gift: Towel Girls (TD 2nd Gen) :iconmastergamer20:mastergamer20 10 28 Kiss Beach by goodnesslove Kiss Beach :icongoodnesslove:goodnesslove 2 2 Comm. Bigger Squeeze by Mother-of-Trolls
Mature content
Comm. Bigger Squeeze :iconmother-of-trolls:Mother-of-Trolls 41 7
Citipati by codylake Citipati :iconcodylake:codylake 6 7 Gwemeron Week 2018: 3rd day- Uff ... Really, mom? by AleGwen714 Gwemeron Week 2018: 3rd day- Uff ... Really, mom? :iconalegwen714:AleGwen714 29 19 Anne Maria and Taylor Fusion by PIXANEFOREVER Anne Maria and Taylor Fusion :iconpixaneforever:PIXANEFOREVER 51 15 TDI Zoey as Azalea Heroine by MisterJohnnyT TDI Zoey as Azalea Heroine :iconmisterjohnnyt:MisterJohnnyT 4 1 Ametdot Silly moments by VallyCuts Ametdot Silly moments :iconvallycuts:VallyCuts 14 6 OTP drawing challenge (AmeDot) by VallyCuts OTP drawing challenge (AmeDot) :iconvallycuts:VallyCuts 9 2 Commission for Akira500 7 by codylake Commission for Akira500 7 :iconcodylake:codylake 14 17 Birthday Gift for TotallyFrostyTD by codylake Birthday Gift for TotallyFrostyTD :iconcodylake:codylake 12 5 Bunny Suit Ripped Edited by PervyMcPerve
Mature content
Bunny Suit Ripped Edited :iconpervymcperve:PervyMcPerve 46 3
6teen Moms Spa commish by qMargot
Mature content
6teen Moms Spa commish :iconqmargot:qMargot 33 9
Gwemeron Week 2018:2nd day-Black and White Wedding by AleGwen714 Gwemeron Week 2018:2nd day-Black and White Wedding :iconalegwen714:AleGwen714 37 24



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Today, July 15, 2018... today is my 5 year anniversary of joining DeviantArt! Ever since I joined DA, I’ve met so many wonderful and incredible people, who I respect and care for like my own family. So many people who have become the best thing to ever happen to me!

So many of you, I love and respect you so very much! Thank you for supporting me, thank you for being there for me and thank you... for being my friends.

I hope the next five years will be incredible and glorious for us all!

Thank you everyone! 😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊😇😇😇😇😇😇
Heart of the Crystal Gems was the best Steven bomb ever!

I can’t explain how much I absolutely loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I watched The First Purge today, it was incredible, horrifying and god lord bloody!

But this was way different than the other three Purge films
Random question

Who here watches JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures?
I decided to do another chapter for TDW, since I always update this fic with more than one chapter ;) Anyway, last time, Jo lost badly to Sky after she was slammed through two table by Sky from a German Suplex... now it's time for more Divas action as it's Sugar vs. Izzy one on one... who will be victorious... find out now!

"Welcome back to TDW, I'm The Rated R Superstar, Edge along with my commentary team, Ric Flair and the Tennis Rivals, Pete and Gerry! Now just moments ago, The Take-No-Prisoner Behind Jock-ette, Jo lost to the returning Female Athlete, Sky in a tables match as she slammed her with a Germen Suplex through two tables, winning the match."

"I thought Jo had her when she held her in the choke slam but it looks like that girl is something the other divas should be worried about, hahaha!" Pete said the bell soon rang for the next match.

"The following Divas match up is set for one fall!" Kelly announced as Country music begins playing, "Introducing first, she is the Pageant Queen, Sugar Holland!" The fans booed at the blonde country girl while she didn't care as she entered the ring but also grabbed a mic. 'Yal shut it!' The crowd were silenced but many still booed.

"You all should be praising me with cheers of support because I am the real reason why this place is filled up! You are should be glad I'm here because I'm the first TDW Divas to ever win a match! You all saw me crush that wannabe princess, Ella when this place started! I'm way better than her, I'm better than that red haired, flower wearing goodie goodie wannabe who you all call the WWE Divas champion and I am so better than that crazy orange hair wacko who I am going to beat tonight!" Soon everyone booed while some screamed, 'ELLA IS WAY BETTER THAN YOU!; ZOEY IS A REAL FIGHTER, THAT WHY SHE'S TDW FIRST DIVAS CHAMP!; IZZY GONNA TEAR YOU APART!'

Soon 'Psycho' by Puddle of Mudd played, "And introducing her opponent, she is the Psycho Hose Beast, Izzy Greenman!" Izzy arrived back flipping like crazy while the fans cheered and chatted, 'LET'S GO IZZY, LET'S GO!' Izzy back flipped into the ring while Sugar glared at her.

"Izzy has not yet won a match since she debuted in a first blood match between Courtney. I think Izzy may have a chance at winning." Edge said as Izzy and Sugar were in their corners. Soon the ref single the bell to ring as the match began. Izzy wasted no time and ran straight at Sugar, connected a dropkick to the Pageant Queen. "The match started and it looks like Izzy not wasting any time at all." Izzy soon started running to the ropes and hitting Sugar with a hard leg drop, flowing up by a running elbow drop then finishing it with a springboard lionsault. "On my god, Izzy just hit three attacks and is going for the pin right now!" Izzy pin Suagr as the referee starts the count

"1-" Sugar kicks out but Izzy isn't done yet. Izzy soon started stomping Sugar's chest like a rampaging bull as she then run towards the ropes and connected another springboard lionsault, however Sugar rolled out of the way and dodged the attack. 'OH! Sugar made it out of the way and caused Izzy a chance to pull another lionsault!' Edge said as Sugar soon stood back up and grabbed Izzy by the head, slamming the orange hair psycho with a hard suplex.

"I'm not losing to you, you wacko nutcase!" Sugar shouted as she then ran to the ropes and connected a senton bomb to Izzy's chest as she then goes for the win. '1-' Izzy kicked out, Sugar then lifted her up once again and then Irish Whipped her onto the corners but attempted to connect a hard body press only for Izzy to hop out of the ring and kick the country girl on the head. 'OH! Izzy just stopped Sugar and she's going on top of the turnbuckles.' Izzy soon enough howled as she jumped and connected a hard stunner onto Sugar's head. The crowd cheered with excitement as Izzy was getting ready to end this match.

"AHHHHHH! TIME TO PSYCHO HER LIGHTS OUT!" Izzy soon started stomping her right foot down while the crowd clapped with her as she stomped countless time. 'I think she's setting up for her finisher, THE PSYCHO KICK!' Ric said with excitement while Pete said, 'Come on, Sugar, don't let that nut job beat you!' Sugar was slowly getting back up to her feet as Izzy soon howled out, "IT'S PSYCHO TIME!" Izzy soon ran to the Pageant Queen and attempted to connect the Psycho kick, only for Sugar to move out of the way, grab her by the head from behind and connected a hard Cobra Clutch Slam. 'COBRA CLUTCH BY SUGAR AND SHE'S NOT DOWN YET!' Sugar soon enough lifted Izzy up and said,

"IT'S LIGHT OUTS FOR YOU, HONEY!" Sugar soon enough lifted Izzy up on her shoulders and soon slammed her with her finisher, 'PAGEANT BOMB! Sugar connected the Pageant Bomb and she's going for the win!' Pete and Gerry said as Sugar pin Izzy down, however her foot was on the rope as the ref counted, '1.2-' The ref soon noticed Izzy's foot on the rope and stopped the count. 'What! Izzy's foot on the rope, this match isn't over yet!' Sugar was infuriated as she attempt to hit another Pageant Bomb, only for Izzy to connect a hard DDT on the ring mat.

"Izzy back on her feet and she's firing up for her finisher once again!"  Izzy once again stomped her right foot on the ring mat as she waited for Sugar to stand up again. 'It's Psycho time, Pageant loser!' Izzy soon enough Psycho kicked Sugar hard as she once again went for the win. '1.2.3' The bell rings as the crowd cheered on, 'Here is your winner, The Psycho Hose Beast, Izzy Greenman!' The referee raised Izzy's arm as she jumped up and down with joy. 'YES! I FINALLY WON A MATCH! YES, WOOHOO!' Izzy flipped out of the ring and into the crowd as she hugged and high fived a lot of fans while Sugar was still down on the ring.

"Congratulation to Izzy for getting her first win. I knew she would make it someday, woo!" Ric said with a smile while Edge said, 'Well folks, coming up next it's Sam taking on a new competitor in single actions. I can't wait to see who it is.' The commentary team nodded while backstage, Scott and Alejandro were discussing about their plan for tonight's match.

"Alright, Scott. Here what we should do, we should all attack Geoff and Bridgette and make sure they don't at all get their chances in facing Mike and Zoey for the titles. Once then, you or Courtney will take a fall and let me and Heather win." Scott soon said, 'Whoa! What? You said either me or Courtney let you two win? No way, Courtney and I are getting that win and we're taking those two idiots belts, no matter what!' Alejandro sighed and soon replied back, "Yes, but you lost to Mike for that belt... I never gotten a chance... I think it's for the best." Scott enough glared at his tag team partner and said, 'Look here, eel. We may be tag team champs, but there is no way I'm letting a chance for the WWE World Heavyweight title slip off my hands. If you and Heather want those belts... you have to take it from me and Courtney first!' Alejandro sighed in annoyance and said, "Fine... may the best man and woman win." The two walked away while Masters was watching the whole thing.

"Looks like I may have an idea for next week... with those two." Soon the scene went black

Izzy has finally taken her first TDW win against Sugar, and it looks like Scott and Alejandro aren't going to let their partnership cause them their chances at Mike and Zoey's title. What will happen next as Sam faces a new competitors next time, on Total Drama WWE!
TDW Chapter 70: Izzy vs. Sugar
It's the Psycho Hose Beast vs. The Country Gal Pageant Queen... who will win... find out now 
Does any have a problem with the ads getting in the way of favoriting pics?
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THIS IS BIG! You should do it


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But I can a bit...aggressive if someone push my buttons too far ^^;

Anyway...I'm a huge fan of Total Drama and well....many of you may know that :D but I do like other shows :)

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