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I watched Harry Potter today, so I did a little tribute :)…
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Is there a large resolution for your painting?


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Any Problem for use for a Thumbnail for my GF channel?

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Hi! I really love this artwork! I'd love to buy a tapestry of it as a christmas present to someone... I saw that you have a society6 shop, but this particular piece isn't available as tapestry. I would appreciate it if you made it available there or on another site that sells tapestries, for example Redbubble.
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Luv it... incredible... 
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hi ! :) do you mind if I use this for a drawing ? thank you in advance 
( I'll credit you as the main designer ) 
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This is AMAZING! I hope you don't mind, we're using it for the sign up page on Hogwarts is Here!
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This is amazing! The colors are just magical. :D
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Any chance you are going to make this available to purchase as a print?
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This is amazing!
I just started to read the books again and this picture is totally what I feel like, when it comes to all the secrets which are to be revealed ... I love it <3
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A "little" tribute, right? I think there might be some irony behind the world "little"... quote 2 
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...This is not little...
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O.o! Wow this is amazing! I love the lighting and clouds here! Keep up the amazing work! :D
that's fantastic!!!!!!
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OOH, this is beautiful. Amazing Clap Clap Clap 
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Thx everyone !!! :)
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THis is amazing.
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Wow! very nice :D (Big Grin) Love Clap

& i haven't watched it for ages, must have to put it on later :D
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Beautiful work! The sun's glow gives off a warm feeling, and I love how realistic this is. It's like looking at a photograph! Well done!
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