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City Roofs

Have a good week-end !…
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very evocative :) really adds a human touch to the sprawl 
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hi i'm using as a wallpaper
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Yet just another master piece of dystopian excellence +fav 
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When I first saw this, I thought of Big Hero 6. I dunno, the city reminded me of San Fransokyo
AshesTV's avatar
I find this mesmerizing. Almost like i could embody the silhouette you've placed so elegantly within this piece. Is there a chance i could use some of your art on my upcoming website JutsueSports (The Art Of eSports)? I will of course link you to show you once everything is up and running and give credit ^_^
GiuseppeTria's avatar
May I use this as a wallpaper for my song on soundcloud? Obviously I will write that it is yours and I'll put the link of your artwork!
I'll also send you the link of my songs so you can check it out :)
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I am not really into science fiction but your style grabbed my attention! Really nice!
This is my most favorite :) really incredible!!!
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dam looks awesome is it on earth 
Mirror’s Edge
That would be very cool in at least one of the maps!

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So much detail in this one! It's great. And the colors are just right IMO. That gives it so much depth.
Just great artwork!
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Hi I'm a music producer. Can I use this as a cover for one of my songs on soundcloud? I'll give you full credit for the art!
FlorentLlamas's avatar
no worries dude !
jdearman5's avatar
Did you draw this all from scratch o.O
Anxnymous's avatar
THIS LOOKS SO REAL HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THIS?!?!?! This is so amazing. 
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ahhh c'est vraiment trop classe!
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Big thx everyone ! I appreciate a lot :)

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