Rainmeter Skins: Satisfying the Suite Tooth

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When do you stop at it's not enough and it's too much, knowing everyone has different tastes? No matter which end of the spectrum you decide to stop at, someone is going to complain. That's a guarantee. People just love to complain.

Rainmeter is a great tool, but it has its limitations. Like every tool you come across, it is designed for a specific purpose. Unfortunately, people want it to be able to do other things. Some expectations make sense, but most of the time it's stupid.

With a wide and ever increasing library of skins available, there's a good chance of finding one you could incorporate into your setup. Sometimes, the skin's author will offer you a settings panel that will help make it easier to customize. If it's still needs more adjusting, you can dig into the code and change it.

Recently, I released a suite of skins I dubbed echo ONE. Before uploading it for public use, I put in some extra work to offer the user some options for customization. While working on it, I came to that question, "When do you stop at it's not enough and it's too much, knowing everyone has different tastes?" I had to stop working on the project for a while to figure this out or I'd never finish.

Nowadays, people seem to expect things to be easy. Nobody seems to want to work hard any more. I know I can't make everyone happy, so why would I even consider catering to that? I realized that if I threw in a kitchen sink of options into my suite, my design would no longer be relevant. Sure, I want to offer some customization, but not at the expense of my original layout. Know that it's a design decision and not that I can't include it.

When you decide to take on the task of releasing your work for public use, it's natural to want to make it easy to customize. At some point, you have to draw the line. When do you stop?
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Humans are selfish creatures by nature. Often expecting too much/ everything to be easy without even a proper please or thank you.