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Hey guys its another BUNNY SIDE STORY 

When i cant sleep sometimes telling myself a story helps me so here is a story i tell myself all the time about jack and Elsa

Jack was told it was his time to shine he had to bring all the snow from the north all the way to the ice palace and back 

North: now jack are u sure ur ready to do this i can carry u on my sled and u can spread the snow though ur staff 

Jack: nah north im good iv'e done it enough with you and i think i can do it 

North: alright but remember only go to the ice castle and no further 

Jack: why cant i go past the ice castle 

North: queen Elsa 

Jack: queen Elsa who is she 

North: she is the beautiful queen of Arendelle she was always frightened and hidden from the world because of her curse 

Just then jack froze for a moment and almost fainted tooth caught him

Tooth:  JACKKK jack are u alright 

Jack awoke jumps up out of tooth's arms 

Jack: uhh oh yea great im good gotta fly bye guys 

North: don't forget jack don't go past the castle 

Tooth: he's gonna be ok right (blushing) 

North: gods only know tooth 

They look up at the sky 

Jack: u can do this jack u can do this 

Elsa woke up early and prepared for the day for the meetings she had and sometimes she made a little time for herself to read by her window when she looked up from her book when it started snowin 

Elsa: huh looks at her hands im not frighted or anything huh? 

Jack made all the snow go from north's kingdom to marshmallows ice castle he flew to the edge and looked down and saw a frozen pond his eyes turned black and could not control his body 

Back at Elsa's castle

Elsa got up and went to her to door she opened her door when 

Anna: (hug) Elsa im here i still love u 

Kristoff: srry Elsa when she saw the snow and she had to see u 

Elsa: im fine Anna really now i got to see if i can lift this myself 

Anna: oh right 

Elsa goes in front of the castle and try's to fix the snow problem when she trys to lift the Snow when it doesn't disappear 

Anna: Elsa what's wrong it didn't disappear  

Elsa: i don't know i need to go figure this out ill get my horse Kristoff bring Anna inside i don't want her to fallow  

Kristoff: right Anna lets go back to bed 

Anna: ok fine (yawn) 

Elsa made her way to the stables and found Olaf hanging with Sven feeding him carrots ever since Anna and Kristoff were in love land all the time 

Olaf: oh hey Elsa your majesty 

Elsa: he he oh Olaf 

Olaf: i was just gonna talk to u this mornin do u think u could remove my snow cloud 

Elsa: oh Olaf i don't think I'm gonna need to ur gonna need it when i fix this snow  problem oh and can u do me one favor 

Olaf: yes Elsa 

Elsa: keep Kristoff here i don't want him to fallow me 

Olaf: yes ma'am

Elsa: thank you 

Elsa wondered off into the the snow she was almost at her castle when she saw a boy flyin around spreading snow around 

Elsa: huh i wonder who tht is 

She inched closer 

Elsa: huh j-jjack i thought never mind excuse me 

Jack wouldn't listen he stopped playing around and turned around to see Elsa standing there 

Jack: E-elllsa (faints) 

Elsa: oh no jack please wake up jack jack He's not waking up  

Just then Olaf appears out of nowhere 

Olaf: Elsa i couldn't stop him hes coming to find you right now 

Elsa: oh Olaf u both tried ur best but its ok i actually need him i cant carry both me and jack on my horse 

Olaf: ok wait here ill go find him 

Olaf dug through the snow to find Kristoff and Sven 

Olaf: hah there u are kristoff Elsa needs u 

Kristoff: where is she is she hurt

Olaf: no she has someone who is not waking up oh and shes by the frozen pond 

Kristoff rode his sled to the frozen pond and found Elsa 

Kristoff: Elsa are u alright i was gonna wait until Anna fell asleep then i was gonna take u y did u leave with out me 

Elsa: i needed to figure this out myself but im glad u fallowed me i need ur help carrying him and my horse cant carry me and him

Kristoff: ok ill take him on my sled what about u do u wanna take ur horse back 

Elsa: no hook her up i don't want him bumping around and wake up with a headache 

Kristoff: ok 

Kristoff hooked up Elsa's horse to the sled next to Sven Elsa rode in the back with jacks head on her lap after there ride back after Elsa and kristoff carried jack to her room/library

(After the king and queen died they left the library/ballroom to her since the bad memories it served to anna and the king and queen Elsa kept it nice  whenever she was sad or angry she let her power go in there and there was the throne room it was huge and they had another library too)  Elsa thanked kristoff and closed the doors 

Elsa: whats he doing here i thought he was in the guardians he told me he might be to busy to help but now hes here  but its to late iv'e figured it out jack and ugg 

Jack just slept there for days Elsa found the guardians and gave them and update about jack they were all worried about him 

North: ur magisty we will come and retrieve jack and ill clear the snow for you 

Elsa: no no its his snow he has to clear it himself thats how it works here in Arendelle  he has to show love and then he will lift the snow away 

North: alright my queen if tht is what you wish (he hangs up the phone) damn i never should have sent him alone after what happened when he left 

Bunny: why wat happened mate 

Tooth: when north was telling the story about Elsa and then he fainted 

Bunny: oh if i can remember correctly did he have some special relationship with her 

North: oh maybe damn that's probably what happened his memories came back before he was a guardian 

Tooth: i can check his memory bank 

North: no that's alright we need to wait until he returns

3 days later Elsa was taking care of jack elsa left the room to address her people when jack awoke 

Jack: huh where am i (he freaks out jumping from wall to wall to break free) 

Elsa returns

Elsa: (whats tht noise) JACK jack stop ur hurting yourself evermore 

Jack: Elsa (fly's over to her) Elsa it is you what happened why am i here  

Elsa: i found u at the frozen pond now rest you have a lot to do tomorrow 

Jack: Elsa wait (grabs hand ) what did i do why am i here and i think i (falls asleep)

Elsa: jack you need to rest u have been out for 3 days u have to show love (sees hes asleep) aww jack ive really missed u and i cant stay mad at you good night my prince 

The next day Elsa awoke to jack cleaning the books he saw her and came up to her 

Jack: (hugging Elsa) Elsa im so sorry about the mess i have missed u so much i should have visited u im sorry

Elsa: (blushing) jack...i..i missed u everyday wondering where you have been (starts to cry) i wish u came when my parents passed i needed u i needed you more than ever and you never came to see me y y 

It starts to snow she walks away 

Jack: Elsa pitch the boggy man he torcherd me and the children we had to defeat him then north wanted me to learn how to move snow from the north pole to here and he always told me never go past the ice castle (hugs her back) but i never forgot about you 

Elsa: ( turns around) jack i.. 

Knock at the door 

???: queen Elsa are u ready your people and princess Anna and kristoff are all waiting for you

Elsa: thank you (wipes eyes) jack come with me 

Jack: oh ok 

Elsa and jack walk out hand and hand  
They are outside 

Elsa: my people im so srry for the cold weather but i have found the person to fix this 

Jack: thank you queen Elsa before i go on i just want to say Elsa im srry for not coming to you every day not seeing you recently i just having had the time and im sorry and Elsa i just wanna say (grabs hand) i love u Elsa 

Elsa: (shocked blushing happy tears) jack i..i..have loved you from the very beginning even though you were my sensei and...and ...iii 

Jack: ( puts a finger on her lips) shhh (kisses her) 

Elsa and jack are lifted into the air all the snow that is removed from the roof and ground after they part jack lays on his back with Elsa on his stomach 

Elsa: jack ur silly but i still love you 

Jack: he he thanks (kisses her again) 


So thts my story i never go as far as the kiss but ik ik i am all about the details and not getting to the point im srry 😥 


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