The Gourmet Gauntlet
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Published: June 3, 2014

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Line up and pay attention, nimrods! You are standing here because we have ever so graciously chosen to allow you to assist our Chefs for the annual Gauntlet Run. This is a nationally recognized holiday event, and it has a reputation for being nothing but sublime. You will make sure that it continues deserving its reputation!

Your Hunt & Harvest permits shall be issued now. They are valid only during the run, and only to assist your Gauntlet Chefs.

You will go immediately to your Chef, and you will listen to their instructions. You will obey those instructions as if your life and livelihood depend on it. You will be responsible for each and every ingredient your Chef asks for.

If at any time during the duration of the Gauntlet Run your Chef deems you unfit for the task, your permit will immediately be revoked and you will be barred from participating in any Citrico event for two years.

Do not screw up. Do not make your Chef regret selecting you.

Assistants to the top ranked Chefs at the end of the Gauntlet Run will be richly rewarded, both by Citrico and the Chef’s respective city.

Everyone else will receive the knowledge that they were not good enough to come in on top this year.

Now go, and good luck. Don’t mess it up.

Gourmet Gauntlet Run

A Chef or Chef team has chosen you and a few other individuals to assist them during this year’s Gourmet Gauntlet Run! What does this mean, exactly?


Per Gourmet Gauntlet Run tradition, the Chefs themselves cannot obtain ingredients. They have to select assistants to harvest ingredients for them!

When the Gauntlet Run begins, you will be dropped off at any location of your choosing within the Gauntlet zone. After this, you may travel to any island in the Citrico Archipelago using any method available to you, as long as you remain within the Gauntlet zone.

You will be on your own in the wilderness for thirty days.

Your first priority during this time will be to secure ingredients for your Chef. However you want to do it, however you can do it. Want to go it alone? That’s fine. Want to team up with other assistants working under your Chef? That’s fine, too. Just make it happen!

Your second priority will be to survive. You’re headed into a large, uncharted wilderness, filled with danger. You may encounter aggressive plants and animals, and you may have to defend yourself from them. The only help you’ll have is your own.

Now, let me explain a few rules for the new folks!


Rule 1: Non-lethal interfering of assistants is permitted.

You are allowed to interact with assistants in any manner you decide. Theft, deceit, assault… it’s all part of the competition! But killing is not. This is not a deathmatch, so do not act as if it were.

Rule 2: Leaving the Gauntlet zone is not permitted.

When the Gauntlet Run begins, you must stay within the Gauntlet zone. Leaving it for any reason will disqualify you. Be prepared! There are no cities or towns within the Gauntlet zone! If you or another assistant need immediate medical attention, use your Auto-Flare™ device to request an evacuation.

Rule 3: Ingredients will be accepted only during the 28th, 29th, and 30th day.

What are you going to do if, on the 28th day, you find yourself on one of the far ends of the Gauntlet zone? You might spend three days or more just getting back to the starting point, and if you’re late, too bad!
Also, some ingredients spoil more quickly than others. What use is picking a rare plant during the first few days if it’s going to go rotten in a week? Use your head and figure out a good strategy for the final three days!

Rule 4: Ruining ingredients is not permitted.

This one should be a no-brainer. Whatever your plans for coming out on top are, ruining ingredients should not be any part of them. This competition is all about the ingredients, and utmost respect should be paid to them at all times.


Hopefully this clears up any questions, and gives you a good idea of what you’ll be doing for the next thirty days on the islands!

1. Meet up with Chef, listen to instructions and obtain list of preferences
2. Gear up and pack enough supplies for the expedition
3. Secure as many listed ingredients as possible within the time limit
4. Deliver all ingredients to Chefs during the final three (3) days, to Citrico on the island of Citrico


1. Intentionally kill another assistant
2. Leave the Gauntlet zone
3. Ruining ingredients
4. Attempt to deliver ingredients before the final three (3) days

Examples of animals:

Stemm's animals
Cherran's animals
Musapeel's animals
Citrico's animals
Polaris's animals
Assorted animals

Island references:
Citrico Archipelago map
Stemm, Cherran, and Musapeel
Citrico and Polaris

There are animals outside of these; feel free to bring ingredients to the chefs outside of these animals… I'm sure they'll be delighted for the new finds! As long as the animals fit their requirements, that is.

The chefs' requirements are listed below.



The Gourmet Gauntlet's entries will stop being considered for affecting canon by September at which point a new prompt will be given. You can submit entries to the Gourmet Gauntlet folder at any time, regardless.

Working in collaborations is encouraged!
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A pity that all the pics are not showing.
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I can`t understand what this is about? it`s a game? a role playing game?
StarInTheDarkness's avatar
So, even after the Gauntlet is canonically over, we can still enter stories and drawings into the gauntlet folder for fun?
Because I would love to do this but I know that I won't finish before the deadline.
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MissFluffyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for the late response.

But yes! The folder will remain open well after the "deadline" for the gauntlet.
StarInTheDarkness's avatar
Don't worry, it's fine!
Thank you for answering!
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PMD-EZoruaStudent Writer
Is the gauntlet over? it says it ends in september... but a new prompt is out.  Also, if it's not, do you need to chronicle every single day in the wilderness or can you do a montage-like thing of smaller more unimportant tasks and chronicle important happenings?
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MissFluffyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for the late response.

The gauntlet will end on Sept 1st, but the folder will remain open. Any entries submitted in the proper folder after Sept 1st will not be considered officially canon.
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Dragondog2233Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it possible for a usually non-sentient animal, such as a Platorgon, to participate in the Gauntlet as a sentient assistant?
If so, can it posses affinities? 
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MissFluffyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes. You can do whatever you like.
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Dragondog2233Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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knight-mjHobbyist Digital Artist

I have some question for the gauntlet which I can’t answer for myself.

1.) How do my chars know what’s a Gauntlet zone on each Islands? I see from the map that there are villages too but we are not allowed to see any kind of civilization. So do I have to crawl through the wilderness in fear of seeing a town?

2.) The next one is how should I travel to each Island? It’s critical for most of the chefs orders to visit more than one island. I guess I have to use a boat which I crafted by myself right? Or fly if I had wings (which I don’t have). No tourist boats and help from outside, right? Are the borders between each island short or really far away? Are they belonging to the Gauntlet zone as well?

3.) The last one is for the roast order of Armando. There is no animal with 6 points in savory. Can I use savory animals combined for a six in total? Or must I create one?

Its great to have so much freedom but you have wrote some rules for the context so it would be wonderful if you would consider a FAQ for some of the question from the comments ;). For example there is a discussion about the starting point Citrico. Or how does the dropoff in our journey work.

Thank you for your time and effort!

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I'm sure that PK will release a map with the zones for the gauntlet run. But I'm sure all places of the islands (except for civilization) are allowed. You can travel in any way you want.
And yeah, you can combine the stars of two animals for the 6 in savory. 
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Gossamer385Hobbyist Digital Artist
For food to eat during this prompt, do make up our own or can we use the ones given as food also.
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MissFluffyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Make it up if you wish.
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Anyone wanna collab with me? My character species ref can be found in my gallery,
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Gossamer385Hobbyist Digital Artist
HOw will we know the animal's size? Also, in story do the other characters know who your character is working for?
MissFluffyKitty's avatar
MissFluffyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
You can make up the size. Creatures within their own species vary in size.

As for your second question, that is left up to you. Approach the prompt however you want to make your story.
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HojitsuHobbyist General Artist
If I can't see the cut scene or interact with it, Is there another way I can see it?
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Unfortunately not

try using firefox or chrome to view the cutscene, and be sure to give it enough time to load, as it's 26mb
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HojitsuHobbyist General Artist
Firefox did the trick!
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HojitsuHobbyist General Artist
It's probably my computer but I can't watch the cutscene.
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Msrah's name isnt on their list, wasn't sure if that was a mistake or not since all the others have it ^^

I love Sibyl's list, seems really fun!
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MissFluffyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Or he didn't have room to add his name on the list since he'd rather explain clearly to his assistants what he requires.
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Will this take place from Sep 1 to Sep 30? If so, is the time before that only for planning?
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