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This is the list of people who will be able to properly answer your questions, and who will be organizing the dA folders and Deviations.







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A group for the webcomic found at
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The latest crowd-fudning campaign is now live on LimitedRun. Meeting the goal of $27K will enable Glip and ESC-Toy to begin production on Red and White Beleth vinyl figures.

Best not to wait too long before pledging. There are limited spots to nab early-priced Red/White Beleth figure AND limited edition Alternative Color Beleths!! Check out the funding page for more information (and an adorable video featuring Jupet and Neon).
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comic94 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2023  Professional Traditional Artist
Webcomic page 2 ink  by Ken-chan94  
kemisanna Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2019
This is an interesting setting for sure. Having to run it for two friends really into it, and the art is gorgeous. Good job.
Impliqued Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019  Student General Artist
happy 2019 floraverse!!!
dragonweird Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Subject 28 animation (full link in description) by dragonweird  
Heya! I've been chipping away at an animation based on the miscellaneous floraverse short story 'subject 28'. The coloring process has been a bit slow, I haven't cleaned up all the linework yet, and I keep redrawing and adding new scenes, but so far I've been having a blast with it and I'm pretty happy with the way its turning out! Subject 28 animation WIP 2 by dragonweird  
Hey Glip, longtime fan, first time commenter, Just wanted to say hang in there, and I hope you come back to making cool stuff again. Always enjoyed your music, art and games. I'm very sad to hear people are giving you trouble. I don't fully understand the situation, but maybe something an old family freind of mine used to say might help:
Give only weight to the words of those that care for you, and let the words of those that don't float away in the breeze.
Hang in there, and come back to us if you feel like it 
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