How to Configure an Xbox 360 Using Xpadder

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Xpadder is one of the most popular apps that is packed up with some of the most exciting features for the game freaks.

By using a standard gamepad this app is capable of simulating the mouse and keyboard movements very smoothly.

It can be downloaded for Windows easily and it will start working with the blazing speed.

Xpadder 5.7 can perfectly provide you to map the controller buttons with a wide variety of mouse and keyboard gestures.


Xbox 360 brought us a lot of amazing games. It would be a shame to miss out on this experience even if you don’t have a console.

Partly because it’s a massive part of gaming culture, but also because you don’t necessarily need an Xbox itself to access the games. Emulation has your back.

Xbox emulation starts with Xpadder

Xpadder is a perfect example of a program that works better than it looks.

Because of its somewhat messy interface,e the powerful functionality of the tool often gets overlooked.

The software connects your computer keyboard and mouse to the emulated gaming. It feels correct as if you are playing the console.


Xpadder Windows 10 is a program of multiple uses, but its primary purpose is to control mapping.

You can connect the console, and when your PC recognizes it, the app will redirect you to configuration settings.

Here, you can configure control panels for specific games or set up control templates that you will use in multiple games.

Xpadder technical characteristics

The program is available for Windows 10, 7,8, XP, and Vista. It’s compatible with 32 and 64 bit systems, too.

You can connect 16 different controllers simultaneously and keep the set controls in a template.

This way, you wouldn’t have to start the settings from scratch – instead, you can use other console configurations.

The tool is compatible not only with Xbox but also with old consoles, starting from the very first PlayStation console.

  1. The first step is, of course, installing the software.

  2. You can do this on the official Xpadder website or go to the software library to get the free version.

  3. The installation takes several seconds and is straightforward. The installer tool will walk you through the process – you have to choose the output folder, or leave the standard destination.

  4. After the installation is done, you need to customize the tool.

  5. The first step is to attack the Windows-compatible console to your PC. So, if you don’t have a wireless controller, you’ll have to ask someone who’s got one, to borrow it. It’s just for one time, anyway.

Mapping the controls

When you connected the console to the PC, you’ll be able to see it in on the Xpadder menu.

First things first, choose to add a new map in the central upper menu of Xpadder.

The software redirects you to the ‘Controller Settings’ panel.

The only problem is, Xpadder doesn’t download console images automatically.

You need to go to the Game Controller Database, pick the model of your console, and download the image.

When you have the file, upload it to the software from your desktop storage. You even drag the image, if you don’t remember the exact location.


Xpadder is much more than just Xbox emulation. You can use it to get access to any game, and to adapt old consoles, too. Its messy interface is a bit distracting, but once you’ve performed several customizations, you won’t pay attention anymore. Xpadder prioritizes functionality over the interface, and as far as we can tell, it’s a success.

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