Mothcat MYO's and Customs [CLOSED]

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General Rules

  • By purchasing a Mothcat MYO/custom slot, you automatically agree to the Species Terms and Conditions 
  • Make sure you are familiar with the MYO Mothcat Guidelines 
  • Please refer to the Mothcat [Comphrehensive] Trait Sheet when designing your new Mothcat 
  • You can purchase up to two slots: one for yourself and one for your friend 
  • If you are purchasing a custom, I will work with you until you are satisfied with your design. I will not alter the design after it has been finalized 
  • You must pay within 24 hours of my confirmation comment, otherwise you will forfeit your slot reservation 
  • No holds or payment plans will be accepted 
If you cannot or do not want to design your own MYO Mothcat, please check out our Mothcats Official Artists journal for more information on requesting or commissioning someone else to design your Mothcat for you. 

MYO Pricing

  • First-Time Owner MYO Slot (0/2 slots available) = $7 / 700 :points: 
  • Common MYO Slot = $10 / 1000 Points   
  • Rare MYO Slot (0/4 slots available) = $25 / 2500 Points 
MYO Slots
  1. Arquerite (Rare) - PAID
  2. DarlingJess for xKireel (Common) - PAID
  3. SpicyIsopods for railerat (Rare) - PAID
  4. Sound-of-Heaven (Rare) - PAID
  5. Furreon (Common) - PAID
  6. weisk for exdog (Rare) - PAID
  7. olympvs (Common) - PAID
  8. mewhaku (Common) - PAID
  9. exdog for roswells (Common) - PAID
  10. exdog (Common) - PAID
First-Time Owner Slots
  1. CylaDavenport - PAID
  2. SarcastiCakes - PAID

Custom Pricing

  • First-Time Owner Custom Slot (0/2 slots available; common traits only; will be on-base) = $15.00 / 1500 Points 
  • Common Custom (1 slot available) = $25 / 2500 Points
  • Rare Custom (1 slot available) = $40 / 4000 :points: 
Custom Slots
  1. SammichPup (FTO) - PAID
  2. YourBlueberryMajesty (FTO) - PAID

To purchase a slot, please fill out the following form:

Your Username
Purchasing Slot For
Method of Payment
Type of Slot: (MYO or Custom) 
Rarity of Slot: (FTO, Common, Rare) 
Request Base? (Yes/No)

MYO's will be open indefinitely until they're all sold out. Customs will stay open until the end of the weekend (Sunday, 11:59:59 pm CDT). 

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just ignore me, I don't have enough points for the custom 8( //rolls away