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By floramisa
As promised, here is the MYO slot opening in celebration of the end of our Rion Springs event! Those of you who participated in the Rion Springs event with an unofficial MYO can purchase a discounted slot. (See below for details.)

General Rules

  • Make sure you are familiar with the MYO Mothcat Guidelines 
  • Please refer to the Mothcat [Comphrehensive] Trait Sheet when designing your new Mothcat 
  • You can reserve one for yourself or one for your friend 
  • You can purchase up to two slots for yourself and for your friend 
  • If you are purchasing a custom, I will work with you until you are satisfied with your design. I will not alter the design after it has been finalized. 
If you cannot or do not want to design your own MYO Mothcat, please check out our Mothcats Official Artists journal for more information on requesting or commissioning someone else to design your Mothcat for you. 

MYO Pricing
  • Common MYO Slot = $10 / 1000 :points: ($7/700 :points: for MYO event entries)
  • Rare MYO Slot (0/4 available) = $25 / 2500 :points: 
MYO Slots
  1. Calliopius - Rare - PAID
  2. Ziiendris - Rare - PAID
  3. lepidopterae - Common - PAID
  4. fanface - Rare - PAID
  5. Sarenidy - Rare - PAID
  6. XDENOS from Ziiendris - Common - PAID
  7. nightMAREgraphics - Common - $3/$10 PAID
  8. Shadonut - Common - PAID
  9. ceIine from Anonymous - Common - PAID
  10. Chokibelle - Common
Event MYO Slots (unlimited for 24 hours): 
  1. lepidopterae from Anonymous - PAID
  2. Arquerite - PAID
  3. DarlingJess - PAID
  4. railerat from Calliopius - PAID
  5. dessiehPAID
  6. exdog - PAID
  7. mewhaku - PAID
  8. Shadonut - PAID
  9. fanfacePAID
  10. Sound-of-Heaven - PAID

To purchase a slot, please fill out the following form:

Slot Type: 
Purchasing For: 
Payment Form: (Paypal/Points) 
Mothcat Bank: (Preferred but not required) 

MYO's will be open indefinitely until they're all sold out. 

If your event MYO doesn't have any changes, you can remove it from the group and resubmit it under "Approved MYO Designs". If you would like to make slight alterations, please do so and note me for further approval. Thanks!

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MintAnnComics's avatar
Slot Type: Common MYO
Purchasing For: Myself
Payment Form: Points
Mothcat Bank: Mothcat User ID
floramisa's avatar
Did you mean an event MYO? ^^
floramisa's avatar
Alright! Please send 700 :points: to me directly and I'll mark you down as paid! <3 Thanks so much!
MintAnnComics's avatar
floramisa's avatar
Received, thank you so much! I will update the banks shortly. <3 

If your MYO design is no different from before, you can just upload the reference to Approved MYO Designs when you're ready. :)
Chokibelle's avatar
I hope I'm not too late for a slot

Slot Type: Common MYO
Purchasing For: myself >w<
Payment Form: Paypal 
Mothcat Bank: none yet ;w;
floramisa's avatar
You're just in time! Thank you so much for purchasing a slot. Please note me your Paypal, and I'll send you an invoice! ^^
floramisa's avatar
A common MYO slot has been gifted to hydralilith from an anonymous user. Congratulations!
ceIine's avatar
hey doro can you tell the person who bought me the MYO that i lOVE THEM SO MUCh

who was it omg doro tell me,, i am going to shower them with gifts
floramisa's avatar
Sure thing! You're very welcome! And nope, not telling!
ceIine's avatar
ceIine's avatar
fanface's avatar
I almost forgot about Trophe (since I was on mobile and rushy lol)

Slot Type: common event MYO
For: Me! I'm so selfish mwahah
Payment: Paypal again please -v-~
floramisa's avatar
Ohh no worries! Sounds great. ^^ 

I'll send you another invoice for the event myo. Thanks for purchasing!
fanface's avatar
NM, it's fixed. ThANK Yo uu !
floramisa's avatar
Sent! Thank you so much! <3
Sound-of-Heaven's avatar
Slot Type: Event MYO
Purchasing For: myself 
Payment Form: Points 
Mothcat Bank: Mothcat User ID

I've never paid for anything with points before, so please let me know exactly how you want me to send them! :)
floramisa's avatar
Thank you for purchasing an event MYO slot!

Please send the points to me directly by visiting my profile and clicking "Give Points" where you'd normally give someone a llama. ^^
Sound-of-Heaven's avatar
Okay, done! :D Now I have to make her a ref!
floramisa's avatar
Sounds great! Just submit it to the group once you're finished if you haven't made changes to the design. ^^ 
Shadonut's avatar
Slot Type: Event MYO thingy
Purchasing For: : moi!
Payment Form: Paypal please
Mothcat Bank: Mothcat User ID 98

Slot Type: common
Purchasing For: moi
Payment Form: Paypal yet again
Mothcat Bank: Mothcat User ID 98
floramisa's avatar
Thank you for purchasing MYO slots! Please message me your Paypal details and I'll send you an invoice. ^^
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