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Everything under the "cut" is required for your bank. (Including the "Quick Links"!)

Please follow this format when making your own Mothcats bank journal. An example of a completed bank can be found here.

General Notes:
Click here to find out where to find comment links.
See this guide on how to manage your user bank.
Do not respond to admins when they are updating your logs unless to create a new action (such as opening items).
Do not ask questions or have conversations in your logs.

You are required to have THREE featured comments in your journal (see below for example): 
Transaction Log
Sticker Log (Admin-Only)
Quest Log

Everything under this "cut" is required for your bank. (Including the "Quick Links"!)

Quick Links

Name/Username: (You do not need to put your first name- deviantART username is just fine.)
Rank*: (Trainee/C/B/A/S/S+/S++) Refer to this journal to find out your rank.

Stickers/Achievements: (You can put the free ones here, but they don't count towards rank.) 

Mothcats Owned: (Doesn't matter how you depict it as long as all your Mothcats are listed.)

Subspecies Owned: (Doesn't matter how you depict it as long as all subspecies are listed.)

Bank Balance:
#  | #  | #

Inventory: (Can be separated by category or placed altogether.)

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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** Please note the comments below MUST be posted by the owner of the user ID. This way, they will receive all notifications concerning their bank logs.