MYO Mothcat Guidelines (Updated!)

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✦✦ Please refer to this wiki page for MYO guidelines. ✦✦

Please refer to the following trait sheet and artist description when designing your new Mothcat: 

[NEW!] Comprehensive Mothcats Trait Sheet 3.0 by floramisa

Event MYO's should refer to this trait sheet instead: 

Mothcats MYO Event Trait Sheet by floramisa

Note that there is a limit with how many rare traits can be used in a single MYO/custom. Please refer to the general rules above for more information. 

How to Get Approved 

MYO Approval/Registration Guide [RETIRED]

With the move to, the information in this journal is now out-of-date. All Mothcat/subspecies registration is now done through the website.
For an updated guide on how to create your character, please read our Wiki Page on MYO approvals.

August 20th 2016 Update
: This new MYO approval process will provide all admins a chance to have input on designs before they are approved for the group, acting as a checks-and-balances system to avoid mistakes in the approval process. 
Please follow the procedure below to get your MYO design approved and registered: 
Upload the design you wish to be approved to your gallery and tag the title as "[Unapproved]". Include the following form in your artist's description
  Type o

We reserve the right to dictate what traits a Mothcat has if the owner chooses to deviate from the traits listed on Misaverse. Said deviation could result in the expulsion of the design's eligibility to be used in the group, resulting in an inactive status in the directory. 

- - - 

Mothcat Traits 3.0 Updates

  • Added New Trait Category: Applied Traits
  • Added New Traits 
    • Floral Traits
    • Crystal Traits
    • Shaped Q-Tips 
    • Papillon Ears
    • Wing Ears
    • Feather Mane
    • Elemental Manes
    • Split Tail
    • Wrist Tufts
    • Paw Puffs
    • Underbite
    • Long Cheek Fluff
    • Curly Fur
    • New Leaf Styles
    • New Feather Styles
  • Clarification
    • Size Traits 
  • Upcoming
    • Chimera Traits
    • Mothcat Breeds
    • Origins and Types

Mothcat Traits 2.0 Updates

  1. All common and uncommon traits have been combined into one "Common" category. 
  2. Accessories no longer have rarities and are further BANNED from MYO/custom designs. (They must be crafted via Farina's Craft Shop.)
  3. Added many new traits including: 
    • Pom-pom, glowing, leafy stick, horn, sheep, double, catfish, and unicorn antennae
    • Bat, curled, and lop ears 
    • Leafy, horse, dragon, and maneless manes 
      • Note the change in rarity of cloudy manes from ultra rare -> rare 
    • Dragonfly, beetle (shelled) wings 
      • Note the name change of "bat wings" -> "membrane wings" 
      • Better clarification of elemental, cherub, and seraph wings 
    • Curly, hair, two-tailed, leaf, and tailless tails 
      • Better clarification of elemental tails 
    • Addition of eye traits category 
    • Addition of miscellaneous traits category 
    • Addition of coat lengths category 
All MYO's and customs will abide by the new Comprehensive Mothcats Trait Sheet

* All previously-approved MYO's, customs, and adoptables created before the updated traits list are considered "legacy" and will not be required to update to the new traits list. If a legacy trait is changed via trait change, then it cannot be reverted. 
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