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(This journal was accidentally removed from the group? So I'm re-adding it. Sorry about the notification!)

Due to the rank system overhaul in August 2017, all former ranks have been reset! Please apply for another rank below.

Information on User ID Ranks 

Member ranks define how active and well-trusted a Mothcats member is in the community. All members start unranked and begin climbing ranks from there. As of August 2017, the Mothcats ranking system has been revamped.

List of Ranks and How to be Promoted:

The ranks are as follows (in ascending order): Unranked < Trainee < C < B < A < S < S+ < S++

These ranks act independently from staff ranks; however, staff members receive waivers depending on their positions that count towards rank promotions. 

See our Wiki guide for more information on ranks and how to get promoted.

Please note that the criteria for rank promotions are subject to change. 
Only under very extreme circumstances will a sticker be revoked from a member. 

Information on User ID Stickers (Achievements) 

By now, you guys might have noticed that there's a sticker section under your User ID when you fill one out for the group. 

Mothcat User ID (floramisa) by floramisa 

... So what exactly are stickers, and what can they do for you? 

Stickers are basically achievements that can be earned by being active in Mothcats. They can be posted in your User ID journal and/or "stuck" onto your User ID card, as shown above. They have no monetary value and cannot be traded/sold. All sticker achievements are tracked by your Sticker Log as a featured comment on your journal. The only stickers you can display are the ones awarded to you by Mothcats admins. Even if you think you've earned a certain sticker, you need to comment below to get your sticker. 

:bulletred: Users found falsifying information on their profile will receive a maximum of three warnings before being banned from the group. (Though the severity of the offense will also contribute to this and might cause a user to be banned sooner than three offenses.) 

List of Available Stickers: 

See our Wiki for more information on stickers!

:bulletpink::bulletpink: If you believe you are eligible for a rank promotion, please comment here with a link to your Mothcats Bank Account

Comment here to claim stickers.

Comment here for any questions.

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Since I'm just starting out in Mothcats, should I be Unranked, Trainee, or C?