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Hey guys! I normally don't rely on things like this, but I'm in a bit of a pickle - my hours were cut due to circumstances outside of my power. I'm off a full paycheck because of this and I Can't Afford It - nor can I afford any potential closures from my workplace due to COVID-19. 

Because of this, I'm selling some of my characters I normally wouldn't consider selling. Please help if you can or boost if you can't. Anything will help. Thank you for reading. 

No trades/swaps. No payment plans.

Seeking: $400
Extra Arttoyhou.se/870555.pacapillar-na…

Seeking: $400 (last resort) 

MYO Pillowing: 0219 by Pillowing-Archive
Seeking: $50 min.
Extra Arttoyhou.se/518013.pillowing-ros…

MYO Pillowing: 0249 by Pillowing-Archive
Seeking: $50 min. 
Extra Arttoyhou.se/597119.pillowing-dor…

MYO Pillowing: 0852 by Pillowing-Archive
Seeking: $75 min. 
Extra Arttoyhou.se/1126330.pillowing-pr…

Mothcat ID #596 by Misaverse
Seeking: $250 USD 
Extra Arttoyhou.se/1051970.zelda

Mothcat ID #160 by Misaverse
Seeking: $200 USD 
Extra Arttoyhou.se/296759.quincy

Mothcat ID #52 by Misaverse
Seeking: $85 USD OBO (Min. $50)
Extra Arttoyhou.se/219777.merlot

Yenomi Batch [CLOSED] by strangelykatie Rose Amethyst - Feral Commission by strangelykatie
Seeking: $100 for anthro design only or $150 USD for both - Proof of Purchase ($100) - Feral Design Commission ($50) - Masterlist
Extra Arttoyhou.se/388915.yenomi-estell…

[YENOMI] Magic-Organic Winter Auction! - Closed by strangelykatie
Seeking: $150 - Proof of Purchase - Masterlist
Extra Arttoyhou.se/686669.z-150

And these: 
toyhou.se/1673878.prism - $50 
toyhou.se/765427.flora - Offer 

Just let me know and I'll see if I can sell it and for how much. 

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Ahhh can I get the pillowing Rose? I've been debating it but she's too pretty to pass up and deserves a home
ChompyWompy's avatar

How much for any of your birdeer?

floramisa's avatar
Sorry for the late response - I haven't been on dA. 

The birdeer were no less than $10 each, I think. I can ask AJ for confirmation if need be. 
ChompyWompy's avatar

ty, I'll see if I can get them :0

floramisa's avatar
Aisaka - $50 
May - $10 
April - $10 

I can't find the price for Sprinkles, but I'm assuming $10 because I always get customs from Meesh. Can just opt out since we're unsure though!

I'm a bit tentative on Aisaka because I love her design but money comes first, sadly! 

Let me know if you're still interested! 
Cometstruck's avatar
Hi! I am still interested in these kiddos; my check will be coming in on Friday. Can I contact you again by then if you are still willing? And you can give Aisaka more thought on whether or not you'd be willing to part with her right now. Thank you~ :heart:
floramisa's avatar
That's totally fine. ^^ Sorry for the late response. 
Cometstruck's avatar
Hi! Sorry for the delay; my check was a bit delayed this week. Would you accept $80 for Aisaka, April, Snow, and Sprinkles? ^^
floramisa's avatar
No worries for the late response - I am quite late to respond as well. Apologies. $80 for all four sounds good to me if you're still interested!
Cometstruck's avatar
No worries! AAA yeah things have been SO hectic so this is equally late omg ajsiodfjaoidj. I'v changed my mind about the 3 other doves, but if you are still willing to sell Aisaka, I'd love to offer the $50 for her!
oldmanbecca's avatar
Could I grab the $75 pillowing? c:
floramisa's avatar
Sure thing! Sorry for the alte response - I work over weekends for long hours so I haven't been on dA. @ - @
arcticsnowfall's avatar
Rose is an absolute dreamie 
Syleira's avatar

I have a couple I'm interested in. Would you consider selling these cuties? https://toyhou.se/785734.bunbranch-sheena



If so how much would they be?


floramisa's avatar

Sheena was $10 
Banshee was $10 
Starseeker was $15 

If that's okay with you, please let me know what your paypal is so I can invoice. ^^ Thanks so much!
Syleira's avatar

That sounds good to me! I hope you manage to keep your pacapillars. I'm sure they're not something you considered giving up lightly. My paypal is xanthus00@hotmail.com.

floramisa's avatar
Sent! Sorry for the delay - I haven't been on dA. >.<;;; 
Syleira's avatar

Don't worry about it! Everyone has a lot going on. Paid, thank you! Oh, and my TH is also Syleira.

floramisa's avatar
Received! I have sent the transfer requests. ^^ 

Thanks so much!
purrwitch's avatar
I'd love to be considered for the first Paca if you decide to sell them, but heckkk good luck ;; This epidemic has been seriously rough
LDM-Arts's avatar

Could I get the first paca (the $35 one) if the other person backs out?

Luna-Reine's avatar
Could I buy the first paca :0
sleepychow's avatar
I WAS TOLD that there's a bill to compensate ppl who are put out of work from business closures by COVID-19

also if u ever wanna sell flee i'll buy him back i kinda miss him, lil dude
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