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PLEASE NOTE: This is a QUEUED journal! 

[FUNDRAISER INFO] $3k Sprint to the FinishHELLO MY SWEET KIDS!! It's Cash / cathedraIs on this one, I mean't to make this a hot minute ago but as you all know, moving,,, But hi!! Thank you all so much!! It honestly means the entire world to me and I feel like a broken record at this point because I am but whatever, it's true!! This group, and floramisa's, kindness and generosity will never cease to astound me as well as make me want to highkey cry. Not that I haven't cried over this countless times but >:3c
I'm gonna keep this short because I can talk about this for so long but no one wants to read a wall,,,
It means everything to me that people came out for me like that, I never thought that when I joined Mothcats all that time ago [year & a half ?? who knows it's been a Minute ] that this would happen,,, So much has changed in my life in the past couple years and while most of it has been pretty :// a lot of it has been so completely fantastic and it's all because of this community? I met people that ha

This is one of our fundraising events for cathedraIs' move. She was able to find a quote for under $1000 re: shipping her cats, but the cost of moving is still very high!! Our goal is still $3000 and we've raised a little more than a third of that amount so far thanks to everyone's efforts!! 

As with all Mothcats fundraiser auctions, 100% of the profit will go to cathedraIs !!! Many thanks to the amazing and generous artists who designed for this auction! WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!! T_T

Everyone who wins an adoptable from this auction will earn the following sticker for their Mothcat Banks: 
3K Sprint to the Finish by floramisa

- - - 

I am currently working on a NEW trait sheet which is not quite complete yet. You can either use the current trait sheet or wait for the new one. I will have it done by tomorrow! 

For now, here are the details for the slots

Ultra Rare
- Up to 1 UR + 2 rare traits 
Exclusive - 1 Exclusive trait only (or 1 breed choice with corresponding breed traits)

- - - 

General Rules

  • By purchasing a Mothcat MYO/custom slot, you automatically agree to floramisa's Artist Terms and Conditions and the Species Terms and Conditions 
  • Make sure you are familiar with the MYO Mothcat Guidelines 
  • Please refer to the Mothcat [Comphrehensive] Trait Sheet when designing your new Mothcat 
  • Please refer to the MYO Approval/Registration Guide to get your design approved + register your Mothcat
  • You can purchase up to two slots: one for yourself and one for your friend 
  • If you are purchasing a customI will work with you until you are satisfied with your design. I will not alter the design after it has been finalized 
  • You must pay within 24 hours of my confirmation comment, otherwise you will forfeit your slot reservation 
  • No holds or payment plans will be accepted 
  • Do not edit your comments
If you cannot or do not want to design your own MYO Mothcat, please check out our Mothcats Official Artists journal for more information on requesting or commissioning someone else to design your Mothcat for you. 

Mothcat MYO Pricing

  • First-Time Owner MYO Slot (5 slots available) = $7 
  • Common MYO Slot = $10 
  • Rare MYO Slot (5 slots available) = $25 
  • Ultra Rare MYO Slot (2 slots available) = $75 
  • Exclusive/Variant MYO Slot (1 slot available) = $100
  • We are only accepting PayPal for this sale, but I will personally sponsor the first 10,000 :points: used to purchase MYO slots! 
    • So if you can only pay with points, then you will pay me in points and I'll pay cathedraIs the USD equivalent. Only valid for the first 10,000 :points: claimed!
Common Slots
  1. vladimirsangel (PAID)
  2. mewhaku (PAID)
  3. crazyfirewolf (PAID)
  4. temptingglow for PrincePoke (PAID)
  5. Ainiayo (PAID)
  6. sweetchoia (PAID)
  7. ceadar (PAID)
  8. Simonetry (PAID)
  9. tamingofthesandshrew (PAID)
  10. frobishounen
Rare Slots
  1. dessieh (PAID)
  2. Necromouser (PAID)
  3. oOIceFangOo (PAID)
  4. PrincePoke (PAID)
  5. itinerare (PAID)
Ultra Rare Slots
  1. dragowlfly (PAID)
  2. absiste (PAID)
Exclusive Slot

FTO Mothcat MYO Slots

To purchase a slot, please fill out the following form:

Your Username
Purchasing Slot For
Method of Payment
Rarity of Slot: (FTO, Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Exclusive) 
Have you read the MYO Approval/Registration Guide? Yes/No

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Purchasing Slot For: Myself
Method of Payment: PayPL
Rarity of Slot: Common
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