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Flowerbuns Subspecies Sheet

This has been a WIP species for well over a year now, but life got in the way... and other ambitions... 

Needless to say, I feel like they deserve a species on their own. These guys are the original design concepts for my upcoming ARPG and can be used as companions for both Mothcats and the other species, once it comes! :>

Flowerbuns - or Florabuns, if you want to call them that - are a semi-open species

The conditions are
- You must be a member of Mothcats or Floriettes when it opens up 
- You may make one for free based off of the info above 
- Follow this procedure to get your design approved (include an image for the masterlist + slot proof as needed)

Future Flowerbuns must be made using a Flowerbun Seed (shown below)
Seed - Flowerbun by Mothkitten 
Flowerbun Seed - Obtainable via quest/event from Mothcats and Floriettes ARPG's! 

Trade/Resale Rules
- Adoptables can only be made by floramisa and authorized artists
- Adoptables may be traded or resold for the amount originally purchased 
- Flowerbuns obtained via "free" methods may not be resold but CAN be retraded 

Mothchive (Will probably be renamed after Floriettes take off... hah...)

As always, by creating a Flowerbun, you automatically agree to my Artist Terms and Conditions

- - - 

Feel free to ask questions below! I am 100% certain I forgot something. 
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Hello! I just made a Florabun that it awaiting her approval. I gave her moss as her plant, just want to clarify if that is ok. Thank you!
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Would a florabun based on a flowering plant have just the leaves of said plant to show that its younger, or is there a better way to show that?
floramisa's avatar
Yes! ^^ They're like actual plants in that sense. The flowers will bloom when they're "adults" !
NovalineBean's avatar
Ah! Thank you misa!
MajikkanBeingsUnite's avatar
Hi! I have a tremendous amount of questions to ask, sorry about that... :turbopoke:

1. Do all flowers had by Florabuns canonically exist in the world of Falena (for instance, Flicker's five petaled orange clusters, or Cocoa's little pink five petaled single blossoms)?  (please say yes, that would be so cool :blushes:)

2. How fast can a Flowerbun run? How high can they jump? Can their jumping distance be increased by large wing-like leaves (not to the level of a flying squirrel, I know, but like maybe a few cm farther)?  :airborne:

3. I saw a Fleurbun whose "flowers" are glowing mushrooms. Can fictional flowers also glow/glitter/be iridescent? Or all of the above? :meow: (Real flowers can - have you ever seen a Rex Begonia? They're awesome :w00t:. They don't glow, but they're glittery with metallic silver and metallic pink polkadots.)

4. How long would, say, a Bristlecone Pine Florabun live? (You said trees were restricted traits, not impossible :XD: gotta admit that would make a seriously cool NPC, maybe Ellisar's best friend?)

5. Can Flowerbuns have colours on them that aren't on their plant (a Clover Fleurbun with blue eyes, for example?)

floramisa's avatar
Yes, the flowers all exist in the world. You can choose where they grow, as well!

Flowerbuns can run like normal rabbits - they are quick sprinters but don't have long stamina. If they run too recklessly/quickly, then the flowers get damaged. They don't jump very high, and larger wing-like leaves would make them jump lower depending on the weight of them. (The flowers' weight is taken into account vs. the bun's strength) 

Fictional flowers can do whatever you'd like, whether it's glow/sparkle/etc. ^^ I have never seen a red begonia, but I googled it, and it's beautiful! 

Bristlecone pine florabuns might live to a very long time! But if you ask them, they might not tell you because you're not supposed to ask a bunny's age. :3c (Speaking of which, Ellisar is no longer a mothlion or NPC! He was removed from the lore due to personal reasons.) 

Flowerbuns can have different colors on them that are unrelated to the plant. 

Hope that helps! 
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I know that your free flowerbun is only allowed to have one type of flower,but can they have multiple colours? 
itinerare's avatar
Yes! Flowerbuns may be multicolored!
Solar-Sam's avatar
Alright,great! I wanted to make one with forget-me-nots on it and those are multicolored,so that's good to know! ^^
itinerare's avatar
Sounds good-- I'm happy to help, and looking forward to your future flowerbun!
Re-Pyper's avatar
Would it be ok if I use the anatomy bun as a base for my Flowerbun? ;w; (If not, I totally understand!!)

I just used it for testing but don't want to upload anywhere online if it'd upset you. >.<;;
dessieh's avatar
Hello! No, you can't use it as a base, as well as you can't edit any official art from Mothcats. Please, don't upload it anywhere, you will need to draw your flowerbun yourself or ask for a friend to do it for you. Good luck with your flowerbun!
Re-Pyper's avatar
Ok! <3 Like I said, just used it to test the design, so no problem! ^^
4sparkles's avatar
So what does the seed do exactly?
floramisa's avatar
the seed item is just another MYO slot
4sparkles's avatar
Okay, so it isn't needed to make one? (I'm sorry I see it was from an event but I don't get it)
floramisa's avatar
Members in Mothcats can make one for free. You'll need a seed to make one after that. ^^
4sparkles's avatar
floramisa's avatar
You're welcome. ^^
floramisa's avatar
How cute! I love how floppy the leafy ears are. ^^
vladimirsangel's avatar
Could the flowers grow as a form of facial hair, like beards and moustaches?
floramisa's avatar
lepidopterae's avatar
omg @___@ cannot w8 cannot w888888 I'm gonna make my little flowerbutt babyfriend SOON!!!!
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