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[CLOSED] Mothcats Winter Advent!



COMMENTS ARE CLOSED FOR THE NEXT 10 MINUTES TO ALLOW EVERYONE TO LOOK AT THE THEMES AND DECIDE WHAT THEY'D LIKE TO BUY. I will open up comments automatically and update the deviation when it's 6:10 pm PT! 

Comments are open now!

- - -

What's that you say? You're bummed that Halloween is over? Well we're here to fix your post-spooky blues with a brand new winter advent! This advent will feature designs from our four official artists, and... me!! >:3c!!!!! I GET TO PARTICIPATE THIS TIME!

There are different colors on the calendar, which I'll explain below
  • Blue slots are $35 to claim. They consist mostly of common Mothcats, but can have rare/ultra rare traits as well. 
  • Purple slots are $50 to claim. They are mostly common-rare Mothcats, but there may be ultra rare traits as well. 
  • Pink slots are $75 to claim. Anything is fair game, including different breeds/variants of Mothcats (northern/eastern/aquatic/munchkin/mothkitten). 
  • Gold slots work similarly to last year's "Make a Wish" themes. If you claim this slot, you will be given the option to "wish" for any theme you'd like. 
    • The base price of $75 allows you to wish for a theme
      • You are only guaranteed that theme - traits will be decided on my whim.
    • Claiming the slot for $100 allows you to wish for a theme and one (1) ultra rare trait
    • Claiming the slot for $150 allows you to wish for a theme and different Mothcat breed/variant
      • Ultra rare trait is not included but still possible based on my whim. 
  • Grey slots are "After Party" 24-hour auctions on their specified days to include those who might have missed the advent calendar opening. 
    • These themes cannot be claimed, but anyone can bid on them after they're posted. 
    • They will be $35 SB with a $125 AB
  • All themes are fair game for applied traits, including accessories!
All slots are priced to be drawn on-base, but they have a chance of being drawn off-base depending on the artist! You can also choose to have your theme guaranteed to be drawn off-base for an additional charge of $15 for any tier. 

All payment must be made upfront. You have twenty-four (24) hours to pay, otherwise the slot goes back up for others to claim. No holds. 
Points are accepted at a $1.00 USD = 100 Points ratio. 

To claim a slot, please comment below with the following form (DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENTS)
Claiming for (Username):
User Paying:
Method of Payment:
Theme or Day:
Off-Base: Yes/No

From now until next Friday at 6:00 pm PT, you are allowed to claim up to two (2) slots for you or a friend. After then, it's open for anyone to claim as many as they want. 
Slots which are not claimed by their day will be put up for 24-auction. 

- - - 

Tier One (Blue Slots)

1st - Autumn's Last Frost (Designed by Arquerite) - Claimed by @/Samansu
2nd - Ugly Holiday Sweater (Designed by DarlingJess) - Claimed by @/SakuranboNeko
3rd - Rosebud (Designed by justlikesoup) - Claimed by @/olympvs
4th - Milk and Cookies (Designed by cathedraIs) - Claimed by @/TheWyvernAndTheFox 
5th - Cozy Spider (Designed by Arquerite) - Claimed by @/aquilala
6th - Snow Flurry (Designed by DarlingJess) - Claimed by @/aquilala
7th - Sunset Snowdrift (Designed by justlikesoup) - Claimed by @/mewhaku 
8th - Ice Ice Baby (Designed by cathedraIs) - Claimed by @/Alymori
9th - Cinnamon Eggnog (Designed by Arquerite) - Claimed by @/TheWyvernAndTheFox
10th - Arctic Fox (Designed by DarlingJess) - Claimed by @/Shittypurplecat
11th - Wet Slush (Designed by justlikesoup) - Claimed by @/Aesaii for @/Shittypurplecat
12th - Snow Leopard (Designed by cathedraIs) - Claimed by @/LuckyTigress

Tier Two (Purple Slots)

13th - Poinsettia (Designed by Arquerite) - Claimed by @/LuckyTigress
14th - Winter Nymph (Designed by DarlingJess) - Claimed by @/cathedraIs 
15th - Festive Cracker (Designed by justlikesoup) - Claimed by @/twogoblins
16th - Raindeer (Designed by cathedraIs) - Claimed by @/SakuranboNeko
17th - Chilly Tit(mouse) (Designed by Arquerite) - Claimed by @/Necromouser
18th - Misfit Toy (Designed by DarlingJess) - Claimed by @/argyrosis 
19th - Frosted Glass (Designed by justlikesoup) - Claimed by @/dragowlfly
20th - Smells Like Holiday Spirit (Designed by cathedraIs) - Claimed by @/oOIceFangOo

Tier Three (Pink Slots & Make-a-Wish) 

21st - Ice Shards (Designed by floramisa) - Claimed by @/absiste 
22nd - Make-a-Wish (Designed by floramisa) - Claimed by @/codesii 
23rd - Alpine (Designed by floramisa) - Claimed by @/spruceblue
24th - Frozen Fortress (Designed by floramisa) - Claimed by @/fanface
25th - Make-a-Wish (Designed by floramisa) - Claimed by @/cathedrais

After Party (Grey Slots)

26th - Peppermint Bark (Designed by cathedraIs)
27th - Moose (Designed by DarlingJess
28th - Road Salt (Designed by justlikesoup
29th - Swan Prince(ss) (Designed by Arquerite
30th - Infinite Scarves (Designed by floramisa
31st - Blizzard (Designed by floramisa

- - - 

Standard Adoptable Terms of Service
  • By purchasing an adoptable, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Mothcats and below
  • Please credit floramisa for owning Mothcats
  • Do not claim the art as your own! (You can post it in Stash and character sites, however. Please leave credit!)
  • You may make MINOR changes to the design (color changes, slight marking changes, etc.) but they MUST be approved by floramisa before you can use it
  • You may gift, trade, and resell the adopt, but no higher than the price you paid for it 
  • You may charge extra for the adopt ONLY IF you have received permission from floramisa to do so 
  • Serious offers only, please! 
  • Please do NOT hide or edit your comments. 
  • Payment plans and holds are available but MUST BE DISCUSSED VIA NOTE prior to bidding. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's. Payment plans require a minimum down payment of 50%.)
  • Do not offer money you don't already have on hand UNLESS you are waiting on a paycheck within a 1-week time frame. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's.)
  • Maximum hold time is seven (7) consecutive days. 
  • Anyone found breaking the rules will be banned from Mothcats and future events.

Mothcats are a closed species owned by me. You cannot make your own! 


- - - 

If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon
You get all sorts of benefits, such as constant WIP's and updates, PSD's, adoptable previews, early-access, and much more!
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Claiming for (Username): oOIceFangOo 
User Paying: me!
Method of Payment: points
Theme or Day: Smells Like Holiday Spirit
Off-Base: no

hi i caved and bought the monies