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[CLOSED] Mothcats Collab October Advent Claims




All invoices will be handled by the corresponding artist!

- - -

Hello all!! Another Halloween, another advent~ This year we're doing things a little differently: this advent will feature designs from 
six different admins/official artists, and one design by myself! We're super excited to showcase our different artists, and hope you enjoy the themes as much as we do. 

There are different colors on the calendar, which I'll explain below

  • Orange slots are the first tier. Most designs in this tier will be common, but may include rare traits. They will cost $25 to claim.
  • Purple slots are the second tier. Designs in this tier will most likely include rare traits. They will cost $40 to claim.
  • Red slots are the third tier. Each design is guaranteed 1 rare trait. There is a chance for one to include an ultra rare trait, as well! They will cost $60 to claim. 
  • The last grey slot will be an un-claimable auction done by me! This year, we're going to have a very ~special~ end-of-the-month design. The auction will last 24 hours. Stay tuned! ;3c
All slots will be drawn on base, with the option to get them guaranteed off-base for the prices below:
  • Tier 1 - $40
  • Tier 2 - $60
  • Tier 3 - $75
**The exception to this are the designs done by @/aquilala, which are all off-base.** The prices for her days are:
  • Tier 1 - $30
  • Tier 2 - $50
  • Tier 3 - $65

All payment must be made upfront. You have twenty-four (24) hours to pay, otherwise the slot goes back up for others to claim. No holds. 
Points are accepted at a $1.00 USD = 100 Points ratio. 

To claim a slot, please comment below with the following form (DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENTS)
Claiming for (Username):
User Paying:
Method of Payment:
Theme or Day:
On- or Off-Base

From now until September 14th at 6:00 pm PDT, you are allowed to claim up to two (2) slots for you or a friend. After then, it's open for anyone to claim as many as they want.
Slots which are not claimed by their day will be put up for 24-auction. 

- - - 

Claim Tracker

Day 1 (Autumn Fawn) (Artist: @/aquilala): @/ooicefangoo 
Day 2 (Pumpkin Spider) (Artist: @/arquerite): @/Shittypurplecat 
Day 3 (Ottumn [Autumn Otter]) (Artist: @/darlingjess): @/olympvs 
Day 4 (Abandoned Carnival) (Artist: @/justlikesoup): @/alymori 
Day 5 (Sugar Skull) (Artist: @/darlingjess): @/shadonut 
Day 6 (Acorn Fairy) (Artist: @/arquerite): @/cathedrais 
Day 7 (Rose Witch) (Artist: @/aquilala): @/CeriMond 
Day 8 (Discount Candy) (Artist: @/justlikesoup): @/fanface 
Day 9 (Candy Man) (Artist: @/cathedrais): @/aquilala 
Day 10 ([S]carecrow) (Artist: @/cathedrais): @/dessieh 
Day 11 (Overgrown Guardian) (Artist: @/itinerare): @/mewhaku 
Day 12 (Keep Calm and Carrion) (Artist: @/itinerare): @/Calliopius 
Day 13 (Skeleton Dance) (Artist: @/justlikesoup): @/LuckyTigress (Off Base) 
Day 14 (Harvest Pheasant) (Artist: @/arquerite): @/shadonut 
Day 15 (Owl's Well That Ends Well) (Artist: @/darlingjess): @/itinerare (Off Base)
Day 16 (Midnight Moon) (Artist: @/cathedrais): @/DarlingJess 
Day 17 (Wolfish Grin) (Artist: @/itinerare): @/absiste
Day 18 (Fog) (Artist: @/aquilala): @/oOIceFangOo
Day 19 (Lurking in the Shadows) (Artist: @/justlikesoup): @/SinnerHokori 
Day 20 (Tempus Fugit) (Artist: @/itinerare): @/LuckyTigress (Off Base)
Day 21 (Not As Goth As They Say We Are) (Artist: @/cathedrais): @/justlikesoup 
Day 22 (Urban Legend) (Artist: @/arquerite): @/dragowlfly 
Day 23 (Not-So-Grim Reaper) (Artist: @/aquilala): @/heymoro
Day 24 (Webs) (Artist: @/darlingjess): @/BellaLoneWolf10 
Day 25 ([Bat]ter's Up) (Artist: @/cathedrais): @/dragowlfly 
Day 26 (Space Princess) (Artist: @/aquilala): @/codesii
Day 27 (Murder of Crows) (Artist: @/itinerare): @/absiste 
Day 28 (Lantern) (Artist: @/darlingjess): @/aquilala 
Day 29 (Equinox Warlock) (Artist: @/arquerite): @/olympvs 
Day 30 (Friendly Neighborhood Cryptid) (Artist: @/justlikesoup): @/fanface
Day 31 (Banshee) (Artist: @/floramisa): -UNAVAILABLE-

- - - 

Standard Adoptable Terms of Service
  • By purchasing an adoptable, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Mothcats and below
  • Please credit floramisa for owning Mothcats
  • Do not claim the art as your own! (You can post it in Stash and character sites, however. Please leave credit!)
  • You may make MINOR changes to the design (color changes, slight marking changes, etc.) but they MUST be approved by floramisa before you can use it
  • You may gift, trade, and resell the adopt, but no higher than the price you paid for it 
  • You may charge extra for the adopt ONLY IF you have received permission from floramisa to do so 
  • Serious offers only, please! 
  • Please do NOT hide or edit your comments. 
  • Payment plans and holds are available but MUST BE DISCUSSED VIA NOTE prior to bidding. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's. Payment plans require a minimum down payment of 50%.)
  • Do not offer money you don't already have on hand UNLESS you are waiting on a paycheck within a 1-week time frame. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's.)
  • Maximum hold time is seven (7) consecutive days. 
  • Anyone found breaking the rules will be banned from Mothcats and future events.

Mothcats are a closed species owned by me. You cannot make your own! 


- - - 

If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon
You get all sorts of benefits, such as constant WIP's and updates, PSD's, brush settings, adoptable previews, early-access, and much more! 
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Claiming for (Username): codesii 
User Paying: codesii
Method of Payment: Paypal
Theme or Day: Day 26 - Space Princess
On- or Off-Base: Off!