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(I'm tired and Dying IRL but I will respond to all of your wholesome comments ASAP!! I"M SORRY FOR THE DELLAYS!! I READ EACH AND EVERY ONE AND APPRECIATE ALL OF THEM! ToT!!!)

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[Mothcats] Birthday Celebration WTA/DTA by floramisa

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WOW I can't believe another year has passed... It feels like it's been forever... but it also feels like it hasn't been that long... ToT 

Happy 2nd birthday, Mothcats !!! 

This group is my pride and joy... it is literally one of the few things that keep me going right now, and I'm just super grateful to have it in my life... (And every one of you!) 

We have a few cool birthday things that I want to do for the group this year, so stay tuned! In the meantime... 


>:3c ... 


Happy 2! Birthday Cupcake by floramisa

This sticker will be available until the end of the month (October 31st). In order to claim it, comment below, sharing at least one positive thing about Mothcats or something that happened to you in the group that makes you happy! (Same prompt as last year, basically.) 

POUR YOUR HEARTS OUT!! MAKE ME CRY!! (please don't but please do)

Please link your bank to be eligible! I will award the sticker as I get the comments, but I'll try my best to comment on each one! TwT 

Mothcats are a closed species owned by me. You cannot make your own! 


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I know I was like a few hours late but it said open so does that still count?... xD
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Hi! Unfortunately, we're pretty firm about sticking to our posted deadlines. While the window of time had passed to claim a sticker, we're really glad that you're having a good time in the group so far!
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aww D: ok I see.... sorry...
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I know I'm a day late but if I still may for the sticker.......

I can't believe its two years for you guys! I have just joined but love it already! I love the design and the community who makes the art, everyone is so nice on here, and all the art is just unbelievable to be made and have this community grow in just 2 years. Thank you Miss, for making this possible! (and I know I just joined, but I really am glad about how far moth cats have grown)

Mothcat Bank!
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Oh wow… Two years old?? It’s hard to believe. It feels like yesterday seeing the concept sketches for the species and bidding for my first mothcats while camping.  Even during the tough times in my life, the group has always been amazing. I’ve met so many amazing people and I’m glad to be a part of this group.

[ Ash's Mothcat Bank ]

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GOSH I'm so sorry I haven't been active in this group? Ever since I lost my motivation to draw I have been falling out of things but I NEED MOTHCATS BACK IN MY LIFE. Honestly this small community has a big heart, people are so kind and creative and it always gives me this fuzzy feeling in my stomach. Every piece of art makes me smile, every event lowkey makes me excited and I am honestly kicking myself about not interacting with this group more (mostly because i'm broke and cant make a moth cat myself ;w; )

Shout out to this thot cathedraIs and this lovely Calliopius for being two of the most sweetest and coolest people I have met tbh. You guys are awesome.

Mothcat Bank ID Expect me to become more active soon, especially when I actually have money wheeze
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Goodness I almost forgot about this... thanks to cathedraIs for saving me LOL

This group is so friendly and open with everyone! I've been here since pretty much day one and have always enjoyed every little thing that comes out of it... I love that I can interact with people and I LOVE to just chat about things with everyone in discord!
The Mothcats group is not just a closed species with a group to bring a community together. I LOVE having activities and events and more than just creating art to do in the community. It makes us a real community that I love and cherish. I have a place to bring my mothcats to life and give them character, which sadly a bunch of my other kiddos don't get much of because I can't get into the community as well as I can Mothcats. I love how the community is close, and that we're a bit more like family!
Even when I am stressed out or just in a bad mood, the community that Mothcats has knows how to put a smile on my face again. I've had my ups and downs before at the beginning but in the end I couldn't have ever imagined to involve myself with a community so much.
To end it out, I've made so many good friends from this community. I sometimes forget to talk or contribute because of other stuff like school and stress, but having those few friends that I've been able to talk to outside of mothcats, like cathedraIs and aquilala and especially @/floramisa reminds me that socializing is good, and mothcats is a place that I can socialize and have fun doing so (I have more friends but I'm dead weight right now and can only think of a couple at the moment... but I swear any friends I didn't include I love you all too and you are not forgotten!!).

These past two years have been so much fun and I'm excited for the years that are to come!

Mothcat User ID - codesii
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i want ths badge fck u im 2 busy 2 type out some long winded thing like i so badly wanted 2 about how this group has changed my life in a way that i could never imagine from cats and how every person i have ever interacted with in the group has make me smile in some way or another or how it's actually kept me from dying a couple times because it was Something i could look forward to Something i can help with Something that i was appreciative of and like yeah mothcats is another closed species but the community has astounded me and floored me in so many ways that i can't begin 2 name

so basically @ every1 tagged: yall r gay as shit im gonna vore

@/floramisa olympvs justlikesoup Arquerite DarlingJess Shadonut itinerare absiste dessieh aquilala oOIceFangOo Necromouser PrincePoke Stomatopoda fanface LuckyTigress Calliopius codesii mewhaku lepidopterae dragowlfly Guillotines17 SilvenPup emmettdowner Shittypurplecat FowIplay @ so many ppl im prbly missing im exhausted

feed me misamees
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Please don't vore anyone. Also I remembered to send you that vore pm bc of this, so it is all your fault.
Also I love you, you big weeb!!!!
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You're such a gay weeb Kim.  But we love you anyways.  :3  Your the best gay weeb.
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Something (with caps)

uh ugjkgfmdfg i love you but not in a gay way hoenstly i dont think the mothcats community is gonna ever be the same without you dont ever change u big stinky gay...,, honestly ur 1 of the reasons why i tried 2 get back in this GROUP
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u r the reason we can't be pg anymore but it's okay we love you-dont change
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im honored,,,  don't vore pls kim im a minor
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you're a wonder cash
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ur gay n an absolute Gift n I respect the hell out of you
if y need anything ever I'm Here
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Hi, it's me, at the exact last day...

Mothcat Bank 58 - Arquerite

You know, over the past two years something I've really come to love and appreciate about this group is the lengths it goes to to nurture young artists in the community, whether it be by providing feedback, encouragement, or gentle nudges to increase their prices up from pennies. This encouragement has been really helpful to me, even as an adult, helping me to up prices that I thought were too high -  even as I worked for barely a dollar an hour.
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this month was condensed stress but did u rly think I wouldn't comment on this :3c
Here's my bank before I forget,,,,

Okay so I planned on writing something to/about everyone who I'd like to say something to and already sat an hour on writing that but then I realized that there's too many amazing literal angels in this community and I can't possibly write something to everyone and I'd feel rly bad if I'd forget or skip someone,,,, 
SO instead lemme yell about how great this collective is and how much fun this is because !!! god it's freaking great and SO MUCH FUN to meet all these amazing people and talk n do the arts I LOVE ALL OF U
I don't know how often I've said this already but I'm here to say it again: Joining this group and then the discord was hands down one of the best decision in my life, if not the literal number 1 best. 
In around 11 days I'll be here for exactly one year now and I've enjoyed every! single! day!!
Also in all honesty, I think this group made me a better person. I learned how to give better constructive feedback and how to always see something good in smth, even if it seems hard. 
I used to be a rock solid pessimist but now I'm at least half an optimist which def improved my life quality
This community gave me more than once enough strength to power through something that I thought I couldn't manage at all.
If I gotta share "at least one positive thing" then I'm gonna share this whole group because everything related to mothcats is my happy thing! 
I know I just talked solely about the community but also god,,, I really love all the designs, seeing new myos makes me so happy, just like how I love thinking about my own cattos and characters and relations,, I really got better with that thanks to this group too!! 
There's just so much to be grateful for and it all leads back to @/floramisa (not gonna ping u but you'll see this eventually anyways; rest angel) so realistically speaking YOU'RE MY HAPPY THING MISA you're the number one actual reason why there are so many people yelling aggressively happy in these comments and on pawsitivity and all over the place if we're being honest. 
I will never stop appreciating you and showing you how much love you deserve <33

also quick note @ everyone who tagged me: I see u. n I love u. and I'm lowkey sorry for not replying to ur comments on here but I didn't do that because I put all of the notifs in my 'precious' notification folder that's full of notifs that make me insanely happy. ur all a wall of screaming happiness n that's part of why I love this group so much,,, bless u,,,,,,
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okay i've been a Mess™ this month but some like,,,, thank yous- (none of these are eloquent but)

A Big General <3 to all the admin, staff, fellow market runners, etc - y'all are wonderful and i love you

itinerare gay


cathedraIs made me watch trolls once 10/10

Calliopius THANK YOU FOR DRAGGING ME IN I AM CONSTANTLY GLAD,,,, Thank you being emotional support <3


dessieh ANGLE

Shittypurplecat came out of noweher to bless us all ilu

Guillotines17 ANGLE!!

aquilala GOOD!! FRIEND!! 

@/floramisa you're so nice,,,, angle,,,,,

and like to everyone,,, i'm a real mess rn w/ my life but mothcats is good and happy and makes me happy and i love everyone goodnight
i have been drawing so much and i have like,,, friends, actually,,,, and and and ANGELS!!!!
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