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Bumblebun Subspecies Information Sheet

Queen Bumblebun "Vienna"
Queen Bee by doroling

Some information on Mothcats' new subspecies, Bumblebuns! These are one of two subspecies that will be introduced to the group this summer. 

They are a semi-open species! (See info below.)

- - - 

Adult Bumblebuns are about 1/3 the size of adult Mothcats (which are about the size of Grumpy Cat compared to other IRL cats). They generally weigh less than 1 lb. 

Baby Bumblebuns hatch a little smaller than Mothkittens do. They're considered "adult" after 2 weeks but don't have a "baby" form. 

- - - 

All female-sex Bumblebuns lay eggs ("creation slots") at the following rates

Royals and nobles will produce two eggs, two weeks after hatching. They will then produce one egg every three months
Commons will produce four eggs two weeks after hatching. They will produce one egg every month afterwards. 

** You will need to notify me to claim the slots (comment on your bank, here, note me/the group, etc.). The creation slots ARE free but you have to let me know so I can keep track of who has what!

- - - 

Bumblebun Eggs

Royal females will give birth to 90% nobles and 10% royals. Royals will never breed commons. 
Noble females give birth to 90% commons and 10% nobles. Nobles will never breed royals. 
Common females give birth to 99.99% commons and 0.01% royals. Commons will never breed nobles. 

Gold eggs can be won from events and are guaranteed to hatch females of noble class or higher. (90% noble; 10% royal.)
Silver eggs can be won from events and guarantee females of any rarity at 90% common, 9% noble, 1% royal. 

- - - 

Other Notes

Bumblebun eggs have a male-to-female sex ratio of 85% to 15%, meaning only 15% of Bumblebuns hatched from eggs are female. 

maximum of three creation slots of any class can be held at any given time, regardless of bbuns owned. 
Slots can be traded or gifted only once. They cannot be sold. 

Eggs produced from certain females are not required to retain their mothers' traits. Eggs are essentially creation slots with a cool name. 

Bumblebuns can also be called "beebuns" or "bbuns" for short. 

** I AM NOT GIVING AWAY SLOTS FOR FREE. Bumblebuns are distributed the same way Mothcats are - through auctions/sales/raffles/etc. They can also be captured from Amity Park at MothcatMarket. DO NOT ASK FOR SLOTS HERE. **

- - - 

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by myself. You cannot make your own! 


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Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
May I claim a slot?
floramisa's avatar
Don't have any slots to give, sorry! I think Calliopius is raffling one off though 
Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
Ah okie, no it's cool. 
A-Gaming-Fox22's avatar
Rats.... I forgot a question about these guys I had XD
bunnipallette's avatar
oH MY GoSH!! I need one. What I'm getting from this is that I can ask for one right now???
floramisa's avatar
No. You have to get a creation slot from someone who has them. 
bunnipallette's avatar
Please excuse me, but who has them? (If I'm not getting this right then I'm so sorry ///)
exdog's avatar
If you have a look at the species information sheet, you can see how creation slots are distributed!

"All female-sex Bumblebuns lay eggs ("creation slots") at the following rates

Royals and nobles will produce two eggs, two weeks after hatching. They will then produce one egg every three months
Commons will produce four eggs two weeks after hatching. They will produce one egg every month afterwards. "

On the Mothchive there is a list of all the bumblebuns in existence, which also lays out which ones have creation slots and when they get them.

Many of our users are more than happy to distribute the eggs (creation slots) to others when they have extras - though please keep in mind NOT to harass users for creation slots if they have them! Many of our users have been doing non-owner giveaways with their eggs, so keep an eye on the happenings in the group and you may end up finding someone doing that!
2DFIEND's avatar
IM CRYING,, oh and i have some questions yes
  1. do bbuns have natural predators? if so, what/who are they?
  3. how long do bbuns live? and while we're on this topic, also how long do mothcats live? :0
i think that's all the questions i have, ty !!
floramisa's avatar
Mothcats eat primarily insects and small animals, but they've set up a symbiotic relationship with Bumblebuns and won't eat them. 

On an island filled with primarily Mothcats, they have no natural predators, so the population is gonna boom and someday we're gonna have to move off the island :^) :^) :^) 

I'm gonna say Bumblebuns came first and started laying eggs, which is why they're sometimes called Egg Bunnies in Falena. 

Bumblebuns and Mothcats are magical creatures and have extended lifespans from their "normal" counterparts. 

Bbuns live up to ~5-8 years, with ~10 being the max. Mothcats live to at least ~20 years but some have been seen to stay alive until ~50-60 or so. As a bonus, Mothlions live for centuries, with Sage being essentially immortal. 
2DFIEND's avatar
so if they're in the symbiotic
i see what you did there,,, egg bbuns = easter

oooh alright,, does that mean sage is actually really old,,
floramisa's avatar
Sage is pretty darn old. :^)
2DFIEND's avatar
JiggyJaggy's avatar
Hey lovely, I was wondering if I could ask a question. To own a Bbun do I need a Mothcat bank account? And if so what does the bank account actually do? I hope this doesn't come across as super rude as I know you love them but I haven't had to much interest in Mothcats themselves, but I really like the idea of this subspecies so would love to try get one :3
floramisa's avatar
Mothcat Banks are required to do transactions and participate in the "ARPG" portion of the group. Bumblebuns are primarily adopted through the MothcatMarket's Amity Park, which is part of the ARPG, so if you wanted to adopt one from there, you would need a bank.

But! They also lay eggs which generate creation slots, and you wouldn't need a bank for that. I will also be posting a set sometime today/tomorrow for those who missed the event or couldn't catch one from the event. ^^
JiggyJaggy's avatar
Are the ones from Amity Park premade designs or MYO slots essentially?

And I wish I had money to spare on designs right now but I don't haha ;u; why I wanted to try nab an egg!
floramisa's avatar
The ones from Amity Park are premade designs. 

The eggs you get from the females are MYO slots. ^^
JiggyJaggy's avatar
Ah that's great, and to clarify (so I don't go out and do something wrong), I don't need a mothcat bank account to get an egg slot from a female? Just if I want one from the Amity Park?
floramisa's avatar
That is correct! We'll just have you marked down in our separate spreadsheet with all the Mothcat/Bumblebun MYO slots. ^^
JiggyJaggy's avatar
Awesome, thanks alot lovely! Always answer questions so promptly ^-^ <3
floramisa's avatar
You're very welcome! <3 

I'm done for the semester, so I have all the freetime in the world haha. |D
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2DFIEND's avatar
Hi !! I'm not doroling, but I can answer bits of your question !

1) Yes, I am 90% sure ! Why? Well, in the Amity Park rules, it stated that All visitors must have a Mothcat Bank.
2) The bank account stores your FT, inventories, stickers/achievements, Mothcats/companions you own, and your rank !

Find out more about these here:……
I hope that answers your question !! But you should probably check in with Dorothy too, just to make sure ; u ;
JiggyJaggy's avatar
Ah thank you, I will double check with Doroling as well to be sure ^^ I don't particularly need a premade one, in fact I am more than happy to get an egg from someone (if possible) and design my own, so not sure if the bank account is solely if you wish to catch one from the park and then any extra things you get along the way? Duno lol, abit confused.
CrazyCat1231's avatar
May I have a creation slot? These babs are precious and I need one so badly
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