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2016 Winter Mothcats Advent Calendar [CLOSED]

By floramisa
I know that the Halloween calendar just ended, but I wanted to get a start on the winter advent as soon as possible so that I could have the most time to design. ^^ 

This year, I tried to do something less Christmas-themed and more general wintry themes. There are still some Christmas ones just because it is part of winter, after all.

As a side note: I do not tolerate guilt tripping or passive aggressiveness at all. Please do not make such comments to those who've claimed slots. 

There are different colors on the calendar, which I'll explain below
  • Blue slots are $20 to claim. They consist mostly of common Mothcats, but can have rare/exclusive as well. 
  • Purple slots are $35 to claim. They are mostly common-rare Mothcats, but there may be ultra rare/exclusive traits as well. 
  • Pink slots are $50 to claim. Anything is fair game, including different breeds/variants of Mothcats (northern/eastern/aquatic/munchkin/mothkitten). 
  • * Gold slots work similarly to last year's "Make a Wish" themes. If you claim this slot, you will be given the option to "wish" for any theme you'd like. 
    • The base price of $50 allows you to wish for a theme
      • You are only guaranteed that theme - traits will be decided on my whim.
    • Claiming the slot for $75 allows you to wish for a theme and one (1) ultra rare trait
    • Claiming the slot for $100 allows you to wish for a theme and different Mothcat breed/variant
      • Ultra rare trait is not included but still possible based on my whim. 
  • Grey slots are "After Party" 24-hour auctions on their specified days to include those who might have missed the advent calendar opening. 
    • These themes cannot be claimed, but anyone can bid on them after they're posted. 
All slots are priced to be drawn on-base, but they have a chance of being drawn off-base depending on my whim! You can also choose to have your theme guaranteed to be drawn off-base for an additional charge of $20

All payment must be made upfront. You have twenty-four (24) hours to pay, otherwise the slot goes back up for others to claim. No holds. 
Points are accepted at a $1.00 USD = 100 Points ratio. 

To claim a slot, please comment below with the following form (DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENTS)
Claiming for (Username):
User Paying:
Method of Payment:
Theme or Day:
Off-Base: Yes/No

From now until next Saturday at 12:00 pm PT, you are allowed to claim up to two (2) slots for you or a friend. After then, it's open for anyone to claim as many as they want. 
Slots which are not claimed by their day will be put up for 24-auction. 

- - - 

Claim Tracker

Day 1 (Winter Fashion):… (PAID)
Day 2 (Quilt):…
Day 3 (Warm Fire):… (PAID)
Day 4 (Frosted Berries):… (PAID)
Day 5 (Penguin): fanface for… (PAID)
Day 6 (Ornament):… (PAID)
Day 7 (Apple Pie):… (PAID)
Day 8 (Rescue Cat):… (PAID)
Day 9 (Gift Wrap):… (PAID)
Day 10 (Yule Log Cake):… (PAID)
Day 11 (Ballerina):… (PAID)
Day 12 (Candles):…
Day 13 (Spiced Latte):… (PAID)
Day 14 (Too Much Dessert):… (PAID)
Day 15 (Stained Glass):… (PAID)
Day 16 (Horse-Drawn Sleigh):… (PAID)
Day 17 (Clockwork):… (PAID)
Day 18 (Pinecone):… (PAID)
Day 19 (Dreamwalker):… (PAID)
Day 20 (Sleeping Giant):… (PAID)
Day 21 (Winter Stag):… (PAID)
Day 22 (Make a Wish*):… (PAID)
Day 23 (Yeti):… (PAID)
Day 24 (Krampus):… (PAID)
Day 25 (Make a Wish*):… (PAID)

!! = Off-Base

- - - 

Standard Adoptable Terms of Service
  • By purchasing an adoptable, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Mothcats and below
  • Please credit floramisa for owning Mothcats
  • Do not claim the art as your own! (You can post it in Stash and character sites, however. Please leave credit!)
  • You may make MINOR changes to the design (color changes, slight marking changes, etc.) but they MUST be approved by floramisa before you can use it
  • You may gift, trade, and resell the adopt, but no higher than the price you paid for it 
  • You may charge extra for the adopt ONLY IF you have received permission from floramisa to do so 
  • Serious offers only, please! 
  • Please do NOT hide or edit your comments. 
  • Payment plans and holds are available but MUST BE DISCUSSED VIA NOTE prior to bidding. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's. Payment plans require a minimum down payment of 50%.)
  • Do not offer money you don't already have on hand UNLESS you are waiting on a paycheck within a 1-week time frame. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's.)
  • If available, maximum hold time is seven (7) consecutive days. 
  • Anyone found breaking the rules will be banned from Mothcats and future events.

Mothcats are a closed species owned by me. You cannot make your own! 


- - - 

If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon
You get all sorts of benefits, such as constant WIP's and updates, PSD's, brush settings, adoptable previews, early-access, and much more! 
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© 2016 - 2021 floramisa
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Weidenlied's avatar
Claiming for (Username): Weidenlied 
User Paying: Weidenlied
Method of Payment: points
Theme or Day: 12
Off-Base: No
floramisa's avatar
Sorry, this slot has already been claimed. Thank you for your interest, however!
Weidenlied's avatar
Ach, man. That's okay, thanls anyway^^ I just assumed it wasnt since there was no name written there yet.
floramisa's avatar
No prob. That was my bad! I forgot to update it. ;o;
SarcastiCakes's avatar
Claiming for (Username): @sarasticakes
User Paying: SarcastiCakes
Method of Payment: paypal
Theme or Day: Candles
Off-Base: Nah
floramisa's avatar
Thank you for claiming a slot! Please let me know what your pyapal address is and I'll forward an invoice as soon as possible!
aquilala's avatar
sweetchoia's avatar
-sobs- If only I got paid sooner. :C

I'll be stalking those auctions tho. >:3
aquilala's avatar
How much money do you still need? I can lend you some :3
ceIine's avatar
whOA OMG I SLEPT THROUGH THIS AND EVERYTHING'S ALREADY SOLD OUT ?????? tbh i can't wait for these gattos either,,,,,
floramisa's avatar
LOL yeah I'm really surprised!! Thank youuu
ceIine's avatar
no problem !
Furreon's avatar
candles is still up for grabs it seems :0
ceIine's avatar
aquilala's avatar
screms i want em so badly
aquilala's avatar
we should fundraise for em,,,
ceIine's avatar
maybe we should,,,,,,,,
Furreon's avatar
den go giddit B)
aquilala's avatar
but im pooorrrrr
40mg's avatar
I want sleeping giant so, so badly. I grew up on the Sleeping Giant and it has so much indigenous meaning to me, but I have no money for it. ;_;
floramisa's avatar
oo! I didn't know it had indigenous roots. I picked the theme based off of a literal description. ^^;
40mg's avatar
yeah! I suggest checking it out, it's the mountain that overlooks my hometown and it means so so much to me. :3
Furreon's avatar
Claiming for (Username): Furreon
User Paying: Furreon
Method of Payment: Paypal
Theme or Day: Yule Log Cake
Off-Base: No
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