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Sparkling Sunlit Seas

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This was taken at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. It was insanely hard to get pictures of these animals!! 0____o My camera has a High-speed shutter option, but the stadium was too dark to use it, so I was stuck using the Portrait that was ridiculous! DX Half of them came out blurry, but I did manage to get some fantastic ones too, which I'm grateful for. ^___^ <333 This one in particular I really liked because it just looks so "picture-like". I hope you all enjoy it too. :)

Tools: My handy dandy camera. No photoshop tweaks on this one. :aww: :w00t:

By the way, don't mind the weird title. ^^;
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68 mm
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Dec 28, 2008, 11:45:54 AM
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Wow! So Cool! :la:
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Thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. ^__^
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Is this the one that killed the trainer?
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Actually, the orca is Kalina. The whale involved with the incident was Tillikum. You won't ever find photos of trainers in the water with Tilli, because of protocols that plainly instruct trainers to not perform waterworks with him.
This is, however, Dawn Brancheau, the trainer that was killed.
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Honestly, I have no clue. That's pretty horrific though. Wow. But hey, in my opinion, humans shouldn't fuck with wild animals that powerful. I mean, it's not the whale's fault. It's just instinct. And apparently that same whale had killed more than once. You think they'd have learned their lesson, huh? I guess not.
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Yeah, and Hattler is a BAMF. :iconbadassplz:
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Hattler does not know what that means.
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Bad Ass Mother Fucker. :iconxd--plz:
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great shot! very unique!!!! love it!!! do u know which whale this is?

Floral-Moon-Zenith's avatar
Thanks so much! I was very happy with this shot because of the lighting and pose, etc. ^__^ So it makes me so ecstatic that you like it too! :w00t: Sorry, I don't know which whale it was. :/ I asked what their names were, but the trainers said that they couldn't disclose that information.
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cool ^^ she better be careful or shamoo is gonna eat her ass (yeah yeah im a sick demented kid whatever -.-) nice shot i love the whales open "hey ya guys!" look ^^
Floral-Moon-Zenith's avatar
There have actually been rare cases where the killer whales have actually attacked their trainers, so it's more than just a joke. XD ^^; Yeah, I liked the expression of the whale too. :3 :) Thank you!! :hug:
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heh you're welcome ^^ :hug:
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Heheh... they match. But yes, a very cool picture indeed. Congrats on the nice shot!
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Yes. All of the words start with S. ^^; Weird title, but w/e!!! *giggle* Thank you. I'm glad that you liked it. :) :aww:
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By "matched," I meant the whale and the girl on the whale...
Floral-Moon-Zenith's avatar
Oh. ^^; *feels stupid* SORRY! XD *hides*
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Don't apologize. And don't feel stupid either. I said "they match." That's not a lot to work with...
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