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Aiding Our Moon...-Mohawk, Yuaei, Livia and Eros by florafudou Aiding Our Moon...-Mohawk, Yuaei, Livia and Eros :iconflorafudou:florafudou 33 10
Another Year...-Crow

As winter arrived to Heyl so did the old memories. The year was ending and Crow’s life had been so far a roller coaster…
After patrolling for a while he decided to sit down and take a moment for himself, something that he had been avoiding this whole time.
He was a Vektreni, he had love and lost not only his whole family but his lover as well when she just decided to leave him in a stormy winter. The pain and emptiness Cassandra had left was a wound that was yet to heal in Crow’s heart.
He had also met another female who, even if she had helped him at the end abandoned him as well. Maybe deep within himself he was waiting for somehow to Heyl to abandon him as well.
After all his origins still remained a secret, a dirty gruesome secret that sometimes made the guilt be too much. Sleeping not eating was hard enough for him already.
This place has helped him after his freak encounter with who knows wh
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 4 0
Found You?...-Quilo and Mikhail
After being rescued by a stranger and her wounds healed up enough for her to travel on her own, she said goodbye and went toward the mountains she has seen in the distance. While she still didn't know who she was - except her own name -  the pale coated female felt a strange connection with the mountains. It was as if they were calling out to her with a silent voice only her heart could hear. Deciding she had nothing to lose on checking them out,she started to move toward the mountains with slow steps, slightly limping. Despite the wound being healed up,her muscles were still aching from whatever adventure she had that led to her ending up in water.
The quest to find his friend and soon to be wife was exhausting and terrifying for the young male, she was not within the pack’s territory, which meant to go outside to the u
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 4 1
Notah - Gift by florafudou Notah - Gift :iconflorafudou:florafudou 10 6
For Love!...-Eros MSE

Everything right now was filled with uncertainty…
The flood had in just seconds swop up everything with such might and they had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time…How curious…Nature had its way to somehow shape within moments all that reside in it in a completely new way.
For now both wolves headed to where they believed was their home.
 But was it?  
It was late at night and Eros could still not manage to sleep more. She felt rested enough and her mind was unease as it started to question every little decision she had made so far in her young life.
Highvalley was her pack. Were Peace sister, Sun cousin and even Moon cousin were…If they were still there.
A chill went through her whole body at the thought of losing her only dear ones in such way.
No, she had to remain faithful. The gods would never do such thing to her or her family. They were what remained of the legacy of their parents. They had t
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 8 8
Show Me The Way...-Solitaire (Retirement)
It was hard, she did not want to do it...
The thought of leaving Vektren with her children behind pained her deeply...
Even though it was a temporary thing, her Mistress had come up to her for she still even after her reeducation felt the lack of not faith, but something inside her, Solitaire felt and endless void of purpose which had made her struggle, even if she did not show it to her children or anyone else, her Mistress cunning eyes were as sharp and clever as ever, her advice? To go into the unknown and meet one of the messengers of the shunning Gods, it seemed she was bond to encounter someone along the way and that someone, been sent by the Gods, was to help her to evolve and become something she could not even remotely imagine, not in her wildest of dreams, it was almost kind of a prophecy, but Solitaire would give it a try, for she had to move forward, she had been forgiven and had been blessed with two wonderful children and a wonderful father for them, so it had to be for a
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 10 4
Girls Talk...-Yuaei and Eros
It was early in the morning, not every wolf in highvalley was awake, but Eros sure was and she was rushing towards her special place to pray to the Gods and where she could watch where was the mighty old Havir standing before it had been destroyed.
She was running with a smile on her face as she knew that she would meet there with Sun Cousin as both loved to share some quality time in their religious practices and also in trivial things as socializing.
but for her wss important as there were not many wolves within the pack who shared their same views and values as her own family by blood and place of origin did. And so she climbed carefully to the peek, not wanting to slip and fall by accident because of her impatience.
Her claws sounded while tripping a little over the rock as the wind gentle went through her body, she inhaled the air and moments later she had already arrived, searching with her eyes the figure of Sun Cousin.
Yuaei was sitting up on Ade
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 10 8
The Trial...-Hekate,Hellion and Solitaire
Everything was calm in the swampy home of Vektren, wolves were minding their own business as Solitaire slowly walked through the others, she could hear some of the other wolves talk and even the creatures who lived among them too, she had never been so quiet in her young life.
Before arriving back to the main area she had stopped crying, but anyone who was nearby could see that she was having a hard time, still Solitaire was only searching for one wolf only, her Mistress, so her paws were guiding her to the Nest, she could hear her heart pounding violently, it was almost as if it was in her throat, she heavily swallowed as she could see where her Alphess was, her view always so...Intriguing, Solitaire though she would never get use to seeing her Mistress so close.
With slow steps and a submissive position she approached Hekate, she was already shaking as she could not know what departed her future, she had made a huge mistake...No, she had committed a crime, a probably
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 7 3
Where Are You?...-Mikhail
Everything had happened so fast…
One minute he was in Highvalley, minding his own business as always, then he heard a roar and the earth rumbled…Seconds later there was water everywhere
He was one of the lucky ones to not be caught by such rare natural catastrophe as he was always close to the main den, but his mind and body went to a state of panic, sure he was okay, but what about his family? …
Was mother okay? Well it seemed so she was old and part of the High Council so she was always nearby the Meisters’ Den.
So were his siblings? Most of them had been fine except for a few scratches as them alongside their mother had already started to help with the emergency after receiving orders from the Betas and the Wolvenking, indications were short and clear with the Highblood ones being the priority (As always).
...Family, every single family member seemed to be alright…Everyone except…Quilo!? Where was she!? His feet started to rush him a
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 5 0
Any Advice?...-Sarin and Crow

Sarin by Joshua-Kim
Crow by florafudou

“Crow, may I talk to you?” Sarin inquired calmly. He was standing at the mouth of Heyl’s cave system and watched his mentor intently. This wolf would be one of those he would somewhat miss. Crow may not be of valuable blood, but at least he was experienced, strong and a good teacher. Sarin fondly remembered their conversations and would continue to look back to them no matter where the stars would guide him. “Somewhere more private,” he added with a couple of glances around the site.

Confident that Crow would not deny him his wishes, the young Heylian began to trot away from the scene, checking only after a couple of steps if Crow really did follow him.


The male was caught off guard by the sudden v
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 5 5
Meeting New Faces...-Ragnarok and Mavis
Everything so far seemed great, Aryn’s costumes had not changed that much since he left, though he did not dare to ask why there was such a gloomy on tensioning air among all, maybe something had happened that he did not know of? After all he had been away for so many seasons, obviously things could not stay the same forever but...It somehow made him feel nostalgic that he had left his former home, sure it was the right decision, otherwise he would no the the wolf he was today and had not met the love of his life Reyna...But still.
He sighed as he decided to just sit down and enjoy the view of the main den area were the majority of wolves were, a melancholic smile came across his face as he recalled the old days when his parents were still around and he was with all of his four brothers, such good times.
Released from training, Ragnarok relaxed near the den. Eyes zipped back and forth, landing on a new wolf. Ears pricked, he lifted his head. Wait.
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 4 0
DotD - MSE April by florafudou DotD - MSE April :iconflorafudou:florafudou 6 5 DotW | ARIUS | NPC by florafudou DotW | ARIUS | NPC :iconflorafudou:florafudou 5 2
WoLF RP: THI White Lights - Alemoi
He did not know when he actually had got shot, but after their brief encounter with such strange creatures and believing everything had ended up well, Alemoi had noticed after Cassie had fallen asleep that the was feeling...Weak.
Carefully he had gotten out of the temporary den they had found shelter hours earlier in all the fuzz of the run, he continued to walk as a horrible cough started to make its presence, with fear his eyes look down to the ground, only to find spilled blood, he tasted his mouth, the metallic flavor coming out from his insides...When he had got injured?
Suddenly a sharp pain made his presence in one of his sides, his ribs or rather were his right lung were positioned, he started to cough harder as he grasped for air, what would he do!? He could not die, not yet! Cassandra needed HIM!
As a sign he heard the grumbling of big beasts that were nearby him, he tighten his eyes as he struggled to look, it seemed that such gigantic creatures were carrying the hairless on
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 3 1
The Price To Pay...-Solitaire MSE by florafudou The Price To Pay...-Solitaire MSE :iconflorafudou:florafudou 12 2
A Huge Mistake...-Solitaire
She was upset…Very upset as she had sneaked again to Vektren’s borders, she had to find him…She had to find Arius and quick! She had messed up for good this time, and he was her only chance no…He was THEIR only chance to amend things within the Vektrenis.
“Arius!? Arius!?”
She shouted, not too loud but not to low either, her tone desperate, but soon she stopped her paws as she saw a dark and big figure approaching fast towards her, snarling as she hugged him, the male’s blue eyes looked everywhere as he was in his fight position.
“What’s the fuzz darling? Is someone trying to hurt you?” HE questions as she nuzzled against him, calming herself done. “Oh Arius! You came! You’re here!” the male let out a sigh as he sat down. “I told you I would be nearby if something happened so…What’s up?”
Solitaire looked at the male, fear and hope in her eyes. “Ariu
:iconflorafudou:florafudou 6 6



Bubble Bath Time by kouao Bubble Bath Time :iconkouao:kouao 30 0 sketch adopt open [OTA\NYP] by Meillyria sketch adopt open [OTA\NYP] :iconmeillyria:Meillyria 59 7 reindeer OTA by hiddickington reindeer OTA :iconhiddickington:hiddickington 49 8 Fubuki's family by Ahiru-Matsuki Fubuki's family :iconahiru-matsuki:Ahiru-Matsuki 23 4 .:[RINGOX]: Chibi Batch - Pets [OPEN 1/3]:. by BritishMindslave .:[RINGOX]: Chibi Batch - Pets [OPEN 1/3]:. :iconbritishmindslave:BritishMindslave 11 4 || $5 A1ternat1ve+Friends Base pack || by A1ternat1ve || $5 A1ternat1ve+Friends Base pack || :icona1ternat1ve:A1ternat1ve 323 240 Pokemon 134-151: Vaporeon by S-betatti Pokemon 134-151: Vaporeon :icons-betatti:S-betatti 16 3 Dream Daddy + Pokemon by P-ChanAndP-Kun Dream Daddy + Pokemon :iconp-chanandp-kun:P-ChanAndP-Kun 39 1 Dragonite Dreams by acember Dragonite Dreams :iconacember:acember 37 2 It's better to have loved and lost. by ScyFlyPony It's better to have loved and lost. :iconscyflypony:ScyFlyPony 40 3 Lucy's a bender. by Failsafe272 Lucy's a bender. :iconfailsafe272:Failsafe272 75 18 OC Pokemon Adoptable Open by StarMVenus OC Pokemon Adoptable Open :iconstarmvenus:StarMVenus 30 2 Fancy Cats + SPEEDPAINT by senpai-tuba Fancy Cats + SPEEDPAINT :iconsenpai-tuba:senpai-tuba 155 9 furfrou by rainslick furfrou :iconrainslick:rainslick 114 6 Comm ] Thronnus by Fleurishh Comm ] Thronnus :iconfleurishh:Fleurishh 38 10 Thronnus by Kiboku Thronnus :iconkiboku:Kiboku 33 2



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