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This is good, but I have a question. What was wrong with her old design exactly? Not saying this is bad, but I don't see how it "fixes" her.

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hi. nothing is wrong. this is satirical and i made this to give people who continue to pester the team to give more minorities representation about a game set in japan a middle finger

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Sorry, guess my satire radar was off when I commented.

But now that I know this is satire, this is absolutely brilliant. Yes, clearly a game about a yandere high schooler killing off her love rivals one by one wouldn't be complete without D I V E R S I T Y #sarcasm

Nice job, and sorry for not picking up on the satire sooner lol

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Okay maybe because you weren't there but BUT we did an oc review AND IT WAS TOO SJW AND TUMBLRFIED I WAS HORRIFIED

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That sounds like an absolute freaking nightmare.