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[Cybernetic Life] Death [March]

By Flora-Lynn
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cool and sad too
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Spoilers, before I even saw the story D:
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I was about to sumbit the story..... But the page reloaded and....
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I know this feel too well ;,(
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8") OKAY NO MORE RELOAD! I already note the story!

The story is quite simple. Its about a programmer named Rez Sachiente. He lost his wife and his child in a car accident.

He cant get over with it, and decided to make a virtual child so he can stay busy. He asked his friend, Zyas Jrehaznt(a mechanic expert) to make a body of a little girl(Android).

Both of them working on the project together. Rez created the program so the android can think, walk, do activity, respond to human's words, sleep, and learn just like a normal girl. In the mean time, Zyas also trying to catch up the time. They named the project RE_AA

Both of them introduced their work to the media and got a special attention from the government. Actually, Rez and Zyas isn't the first one that trying to create a perfect android. However, both Rez and Zyas created a rapid progress.

The project is done, the android can walk, talk, and do activity just like a human. 
They decided to do a debut of their work next week.

Two days before the RE_AA intorduced to the society, Zyas received a letter from the president. Its threatening letter about his company. If Zyas cant make Rez cancel the debut and make him work with the government, his family business is going down. 

((Jrehaznt Company Is a mechanical company abroad that branches in many country. They created telephone, computers, TVs, and A LOT of things! Their producs already widely used by various countries as part of their daily lives. If the government shut down the company, Zyas will lost everything including his wife.))

He didnt tell Rez about this. He told Rez that the government asked for his help to create a powerful virus as their weapons incase of a cyber war.


"How about RE_AA?" Rez looked at his best friend, Zyas.

He frowned, "This is urgent, Rez! We can delay RE_AA's debut after this."

He doesnt look happy. "So, a virus? They want a virus?"

"Yes. A powerful Virus that can be controled by certain people."

"All right." He agreed.


The president hired some genius to help Rez finish the virus faster. Turns off the Virus can switch to computers and other electronic devices without having to connect to the internet.

((This is how it works
(( The Virus is in computer A
(( With a controller/Mission that you already put into the virus before you let it go, it will programmed jump to another computer/electronic devices and ruined the computer instantly
(( Animatroics, Cell phone, TV, whatever that use electricity as their main power.

The virus also can control anything with their own power.

(( Imagine the virus invaded a robot
(( They can control the robot as they pleased.

Rez named the project as C-Droid
He also gave each viruses a name

C-Droid Ver 0.0
(The first Virus. Weak and unstable.)

--- etc etc

C-Droid Ver 1.0
(Updated. Very stable, but still incomplete.)

RzA- 010
RzA- 011
--- etc etc
RzA- 019

C-Droid Ver 2.0
(Brand new. Still using the same program. Can be unstable, but completed.)

--- etc etc

C-Droid Ver 3.0
( Stable, strong, and completed. The ability to hack a device is good )

--etc etc
RzA-033.5 (the copy od RzA-033, but stronger)

Want me to continue? :D Its not over yet!
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what the fuk the page fucking load when I'm half done.


Lets just say, one of Rez's helper copied the C-Droid's data and added his own program. So, not only electronic devices, the C-Droid also can possessed a human's body. Rez agreed to develop the virus stronger and stronger.

Zyas helped Rez to find human subjects just to make sure the virus can REALLY possessed a human body. They kidnap many childs and make sure no cops ever find them

The first subject is Nael Sindroid.
[Cybernetic Life] Very well, Nael by TeikaErmanella

They tested RzA-019 to Nael and ended up ad a huge failure.
The test went out of control and Nael ended up as a prisoner. It took 13 years just so Nael can calm himself down and control himself. He lost his memories as payment.

After the test, Rez decided to stop the 'cyber-human-weapon-thing'
However, the government wont let him stop. Without Rez's permission, they decided to do another test. The next subject is Mellany Sachi.

They tested RzA-[-0.5] to her. 
RzA-[-0.5] is the weakest virus.

Turns out its a huge succes. However, Sachi must pay for the power she got.
Her body will never grow normally as another people do.

Rez found out that Zyas is doing black experiment behind him. He knew that his friend, and the government will do anything to get the strongest weapon for the military.

So Rez decided to do a fake accident that people will think he's dead. He blew up the government's research center and ranaway with his followers. [Dion, Cota, etc etc.]

Rez has a secret lab in a forest, he's going to destroy C-Droid there. After that, his helpers can wash their hand from this problem and live in a new country

:" Awh, want me to continue again?
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