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MLP: Very happy (and adorable) Applejack

This is from a screencap from Season 3 Episode 2, the moment where Twilight tells them that she 'passed the test'. I just loved her expression :) Added the freckles for extra d'awwwness

EDIT: .svg file can be found here: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Applejack (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust
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Applejack is always awesome and sexy.
BigMeowOfTX's avatar
Great job with the smile and the eyes.

I've used her as a reference for my crossover with Final Fantasy VII...hope you like her!…
FloppyChiptunes's avatar
Thanks :) Love your pic, traditional art is awesome ;)
BigMeowOfTX's avatar
Thank you. I'm enjoying it a lot. Tried a new blending technique with the PrismaColor pencils on this one. Came out better than I thought.
arthurxfrancine's avatar
I loved it too, seeing her happy :iconcutiepieplz: :iconapplejackhappyplz:
Amber-Rosin's avatar
would it be ok if i used this to make a wallpaper?
FloppyChiptunes's avatar
Sure, feel free to do so ^^
AinoBunnyApplejack's avatar
Cute, I love she's freckles.
FloppyChiptunes's avatar
Everyone loves dem freckles :iconapplejackplz:
AinoBunnyApplejack's avatar
It's so true. She's a cuteness pony with her freckles.Heart 
ShenziSketch's avatar
One of my favourite poses of Applejack! Nice vector Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack 
RtDK's avatar
AJ, you're just ASKING to get hugged, you know that?
Framwinkle's avatar
FYI, I just used this vector in a comic. I hope you like it.…
marc123456789's avatar
she looks adorable. hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng *blows up*
darkoverlords's avatar
Pinkie approves of this smile. =)
ApplejackBr0ny's avatar
This is my personal favorite oic of Applejack <3 GREAT JOB!!!
ApplejackBr0ny's avatar
Ur welcome sugarcube
applegamer's avatar
is it ok if i recolor if thats ok with you
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