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MLP G1: Derpy!

Just a little something I've made for YayPonies April 1st special website! You should go and check it out :iconapplejack3plz:
Also, I've used some G1 screenshots and the old 'Derpy G1 fake screenshot' as reference. It wasn't as much fun as vectoring G4 ponies, but it was okay.
I couldn't really tell from the screenshots how the lines are (if they are thick enough or even too thick; if they are rounded etc.) so I just made it like I saw and imagined it.

So yeah, have fun with this little 'experimental' thing, it was just for April Fools Day so probably no more G1 following in the next time :iconso-awesomeplz:

As always, feel free to use my vector. Credit is welcome, and I'd also like to see where and how you are using it :) Just curious!

Here is the .svg File: [link]

My Little Pony, Derpy Hooves (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust, Fandom
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She's totally pretty. <3
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She's such a cutie in G1 form.
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Wheeeeeeee, Derpy!
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If I'm not mistaken, that's a edited image of Wind Whistler from My Little Pony: The Movie.
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Did this happen?!?!
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Take my yes! I love g1, and this is sooo cute! :iconso-awesomeplz:
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Is it alright if i use this for just a pose base? it's actually gen4 what i am drawing but using the pose so..
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Sure, feel free to do so :P
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Hi there! I used your vector on my tumblr page! ( )

If you have a problem with her on my page, just let me know and I'll take her down right away. And of course, credit will be given here: ( )
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Hehe, it's cool, feel free to use it :iconderpyhappyplz:
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Who's a silly pony?
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I think she looks cuter with a proper muzzle
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Betcha she'd still be called Bubbles!
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Heh, only this Derpy can make me like G1. XD I mean, I don't mean to hate on that generation of MLP to fans of it, it just isn't my thing, that's all. ^^
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OMG G1 Derpy xD
(Fuckin A)
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"Derpy G1 fake screenshot"

Oh, yay, you already knew it's fake! :)

Nicely done G1 vector too! :D
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she looks so cute in G1 Stayle yay for G1 ^^
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awww she's adorable i prefer the G1 style they look more equine
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