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The Show Must Go On

By flopdoodle
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7 Year Anniversary of drawing this bastard. Finished faster than I anticipated sooooo have it sooner.

RIP me. November 30th, 2011.
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Good gods, all the different textures are amazing and perfect and ugh. And with the shading and all the details, it's like a feast for the eyes [which admittedly feels really weird to say about a Cicero piece, haha]. As has been pointed out, the shadow is great, but I just love that loose thread on his belt loop. Little things like that add so much to the realism.
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hoooly heckie this is amazing!! the detail.... ahhhh great job  ; w ;
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*sighs* I have and will always love your work. You've been drawing cicero since i first joined DA :D!
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Holy nuggets, that makes it seem like a really long time. xD
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I love him, and you do him so much justice :heart:
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A million thanks. ..... I've possibly been waiting years and years for a comment like this. 
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omfg 7 years.....
i love the atmosphere this gives off so much.
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YAAAAAAAAS xDDD SEVEN FLIPPIN' YEARS.  Thank you!! This picture didn't even exist in my head until the version of The Show Must Go On from Moulin Rouge shuffled on my playlist. Slapped me in the face.
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While the hint with the shadow is awesome, the shading  you did on his clothes is even more awe-inspiring! And wow, 7 years already? Time flies :D
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Haha, good gracious, thank you! 

Time flies, indeed. O-O
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oh no the shadow-
it gave me chills down my spine
This is amazing with all the detail by the way 
and I've been looking and getting inspired by your art since then so 
i cant believe it's been 7 years
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I squealed reading your comment. xD YAAAAAAAS! Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. fja;lksdfj 

I can't believe it either. 
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Shit I follow your art for OVER 7 years now? I guess even since I have an account myself which would be almost 8 years ago. Oblivion art times lol
There's something you're apparently doing very well xD congratulations on your 7th anniversary with Cicero *wink wink*
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It's been a long, long time! And I'm super glad that whatever I'm doing is entertaining enough to keep people around. x3 Grateful. 

Lmao. Cicero, the stinky bastard.
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That subtle shadow... 
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You. You are officially on my team. You noticed! Haha! You freakin' noticed!!! 
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Wow 7 years? Love seeing your Cicero pieces. Makes me want to say "Let's Kill Someone!" and march off to my room and whip out Skyrim and play.
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I miss seeing your Cicero drawings 💗
Gosh, has it really been 7 yrs since you first drew him?! Time is going by way too quickly!
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