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The Curator's Nephew

By flopdoodle
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Tulsein pretending to be imposing. Or maybe he's drunk and sizing you up for dinner? Dunno!

This is the most detailed, largest canvas I've ever made in my entire life. I wouldn't hold my breath for another like it. xD

Download for the massive 4068 x 4386 version. dA is forcing it to 1920 x...
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The amount of detail you put in this makes me realize just how lucky I am that I was introduced to your art... Your style is just... I feel like there is just a thin window that separates us and them at times.

Seeing this is like being two steps away from walking into a dimly lit crypt at the end of a quest and you don't know if you are about to receive a reward for your hard work or a slow death at the hands of some dark deity who is trying to alleviate his boredom.

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Oh, my Gods. This comment made me squeal! I don't know what to say! I'm so going to take this comment and snuggle it and praise it and come back to it when I'm feeling down about my art. You, my friend, have made my day! Thank you, thank you! xoxo

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Always, thank you for sharing your art! It makes me so happy when I get the chance to take a few minutes and just stare at the stuff you have posted here! I plan to try and get better about leaving comments on stuff I like instead of just favoriting them and sticking them in various folders. Oh, but don't worry. I will try not to comment spam you all at once!

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Well, damn, haha. This is amazing and so much fun to look at up close. So many luscious details, but I think the shirt buckles are my favorite. And the earrings. And those eyes. The textures and shading are luscious, too, and I love the dramatic lighting.
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My phone keeps crashing when I see this... is this a drawing or photo?
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Aww, sorry about that. :( It's a drawing.
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Boy his nephew is a little creepy
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He would appreciate that but don't say it too loud, he might feel validated. 
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Will I don't hate it
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YUM! This has inspired me to test my own limits now. I'm going to try to see what I can do if I put 100% of my focus into something complex (complex for me, Your lighting is SICK!! I can't stop staring at it. His hand gives me chillllssssss! Wicked great job, senpai! XD
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TEAR IT UP, ME HEARTIE! :love: Thank you so much for the insight. kfjalskdfakshfklahsdfklh 
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This is quite beautiful, Also deviantart said it is your birthday so- Happy New Year Of Life!
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Thank you for commenting! ; w; And thank you for the good wishes! :love:
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Nothing but the best birthday wishes for one of my favourite artists!
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FWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :iconilavplz:
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Wow. The details!!
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;alskdjf I'm happy you noticed dem! THANK YOU
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This is magnificent! The black and white coloring makes the atmosphere even better! and the sassy pose, it's so beautiful!
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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Thank you so much! a;skldjf I'm glad the grayscale served it well, it was originally to be in colour, but I fudged the effort. xD I want to draw SO MUCH more of this dingbat, but damn the time and fear of gagging my watchers to death. lmao
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Wow, just wow.
The detail in this is incredible..the lighting, the shading, again the DETAIL!...just wow.
Brilliant work clap remake 1a 
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Thank you so much!!!! FFFFFFFF :love: I'm so happy you approve and noticed the deeeeetails. a;slkdfj My personal favourite parts. x3
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woww so much detail ;u the shading~~
beautiful work! 
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