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Kylo Ren

His face is difficult, so I've made it a goal to work at it until it isn't!

Subject: Kylo Ren, Star Wars
Artist: Maya Brisa
Platform: PC/Mac
Program: Photoshop CS6
Tablet: Wacom Intuos4
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He has such a unique face...
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Soo, what can I say about this painting? First: I really like it. Really, really like it. I love the shading and the selection of colours. It's soft, has a kinda renaissance touch, kinda romantic. Great skin, great hair. And uh, great lips. They look like they are hard to paint, but you nailed it.
I think the tear doesn't need to be there. It makes it a little bit...I don't know...cheesy is not the right word, but I hope you get what I mean. Nevertheless I think it's a great painting and the tear is wonderfully drawn. I like your other works too. You have a great style. So I'm going to watch you now. 
One little question: Do you know how long it took to finish this picture? 
flopdoodle's avatar
I had to go look and see which painting this was. lmao It's been so long since I did SW stuff. xD I think I get what you mean about the tear. In all honesty, I just wanted to render a tear because they're challenging lol and I was like, EH WHY NOT? I don't plan my artwork at all, it's a problem when it comes to these rando images. I'm super glad you like it, that's awesome. 

Welcome to my dA gallery! xD I hope I don't scare you away with my obscure obsessions.
misskittychan's avatar
your attention to detail is amazing. He has such an interesting face and I feel you've captured it so well!
Issac-Marine's avatar
This is honestly so beautiful, I gasped when I saw it. Your artwork is incredible. I can't wait to see more from you, I'm so grateful I found your amazing artwork!
rockstarcrossing's avatar
The emo boy. :XD: Nice drawing.
Cesar-Hernandez's avatar
This is a great angle to make good use of his nose, cheekbones and lips. He is instantly recognizable.

It must be more difficult in frontal shots, I bet.
flopdoodle's avatar
I'm so glad about that! a;lskdfj His nose is actually easier from the front, I discovered. x3
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xD I'm glad! lol 
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*kisses those sweet, beautiful tears* Oh; My sweet boy manipulated into being an evil overlord....I'll deliver you! *bathes the boy in kisses*

Now, Benny-baby; Tell Mommy you're sorry and I'll kick Snoke's butt for ya.


flopdoodle's avatar
Hopefully he will be redeemed by the third film. @.@
SyddyGurl's avatar
He better be! It would be so un-Disney and un-Star Wars otherwise (Jacen & Jadia, notwithstanding. The movies tend to be more idealistic, anyway. Kylo & Rey are more Darth Revan & Bastilla Shan, anyway. That later one turned out well. I never read the books but I learn a lot web-surfing. I only know the Original movies. I'm a Gen-X, old-timer Star Wars fan).

I also have an idea for an alternate Third Trilogy. As cool as the new movie is; I think the whole "Starkiller base/destruction of the Hosnian System/undoing the gains of the Original Trilogy" is both too dark, drastic and depressing. It ruins the Original Trilogy for me. I want to come out of watching "Return of the Jedi" happy....not hollow.

In my version, The Force Awakens goes like this....
* There's a third regular Death Star that has no easy-exhaust port disadvantage and that it'll require the heroes to sneak inside, attach explosives to the reactor and get out in time.
* Said Death Star 2.0 is threatening the Hosnian System (which is saved in the end).
* My trilogy will have Reylo and Stormpilot. Ben Solo WILL BE REDEEMED! Rey will be Obi-Wan's granddaughter! Reyben will become Grey Jedi and Dark & Light will meld and become one!
* A remnant of Luke's Jedis will survive and join the fight.
* Some stuff from the new movie will still remain unchanged. Rey on Jakku, Luke on that island, the map, Finn the deserter, Poe vs. Kylo, Kylo kills Han, etc.....except no Starkiller/Nuke The Republic stuff.
* The Funny Droid ensemble becomes an adorable, hilarious trio when BB-8 joins R2D2 and C3PO in their delightful droid antics and heroics.

Starkiller, when you think about it, is the most implausible, over-the-top thing ever. AN ENTIRE PLANET?! I can accept a ludicrous super-weapon that's about the size of a very small moon but a big asses planet-turned Death Star On Steroids is totally destroying my ability to suspend all disbelief! How can a REMNANT of a defeated defunct Evil Empire get the funds and know to make that....without being noticed?!

As cool as the movie is, some aspects of the premise are rather cuckoo for cocoa puffs! Even an over-the-top space opera needs a touch of verisimilitude!
SyddyGurl's avatar
That does it! *EPIC SNOG*

I swear, that boy makes me into a hot puddle!

Those LIPS!
flopdoodle's avatar
Rofl xD He's got an interesting facial structure, I'll give him that much.
SyddyGurl's avatar

So pretty yet so hunky yet so boyish yet so dorky!

Adam Driver is a chameleon! A very neat guy!
Saraki-sama's avatar
Gosh, that's pretty.
flopdoodle's avatar
I'm happy you think so. :3 Thanks!
Alkonybestia's avatar
This is so beautifully done! The skin is so flawless yet look so real! How did you do this? And that expression...he is just devastated.
Why is he crying?
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Thanks so much! I meant to add his wound healed over to form a scar, but he wasn't facing the right way so I left it out - He's crying because he's emotional - he's hurt.
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