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Frank Desktop Buddy -download-

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If you download this, please also leave a comment or a fave... I worked about 2 weeks on this :\


1. Any version of Windows
2. WinRAR (most computers have this already but if you don't, you can download it here: [link])
3. The latest version of Java (Download/update here: [link])

1. Download the RAR file Download button above or via the link below
2. Go to the file and Extract all
3. Open the files and run the Shimeji-ee application
4. Watch a lil Fronk fall down

DOWNLOAD LINK (if button doesn't work, or for other sharing stuff) [link]
Don't know how to install? TUTORIALS [link] [link]
Have Windows 7/Vista with 64bit and SHIMEJI NOT SHOWING UP? [link]
FAQ [link]

For making it I used SAI, Adobe Photoshop SC5, this tutorial: [link]

And also, if you download, please leave a comment or fave at least :/

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Frank Iero © himself
© 2011 - 2021 Floorsucker
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is any one familiar with the code? 

im making my own buddy, with my very own code. but i have problems on how to apply physics on it, like when you actually drag the shimeji and throw it.. it actually respond to the force or speed and apply a curve point while falling down.

my initial buddy, has the capability of accepting commands through a box (a bubble commnet box) taht displayed when you right click the buddy the command available so far is. walk left, right, sit, it could open a url too. 

I uploaded a sample buddy at jabaco.org. just search for deasktop buddy on the forum there. or you can visit my page there my username is "spysonic" i need help in figuring things out to add it on my own version 

my reason for doing this is to add most of my daily routine at work, like opening a website just by giving the URL to the buddy. and the websters dictionary is also in progress. so you could ask your buddy anything just in case oyu happen to be offline.

i need some help in adding the physics. its the only thing thats mising on my code.
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I am really confused... I don't mean to be bothersome, but it says "application not found" when I try to download them on my computer.... It worked on my laptop, I just couldn't figure out how to work WinRAR. Now that I have a general Idea, it doesn't want to work... I have Windows, home version I think, but I don't really pay attention soo....
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It's so adorable!! Frankly (pun not intended), I'd get killed (not literally) if mini Franks were running around n my computer screen and my mom found it :/ But they're soooo cute!! :3
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aww it'sa so cute. awesome :3 thank you!
Kakashixsakuralove9's avatar
Well that sucks I downloaded it the winrar and java thing and did the download and frank doesn't show up and it's not a 64bit...:( (Sad) 
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oh my god how cute is that :3
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Can I



No words

Three-Cheers-For-MCR's avatar
These are adorable!!! Would it be possible to put the Frankie one on my Tumblr Blog do you think?? I'm using an Apple Mac too.
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Son super lindos los adoro gracias!!
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It's so cute :3 thank you! :)
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That's awesome! Thank you!
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OMFGee i love it a love all
1-RandomZeldafreak's avatar
i love frank sooo much but i cant download it :(
Floorsucker's avatar
Why not? You tried the pack I uploaded with all of them?
1-RandomZeldafreak's avatar
because this is my parents computer lol they hate my chem.
Floorsucker's avatar
Ohh but you can turn them off too, they don't have to see them x)
1-RandomZeldafreak's avatar
lol there gonna be ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!
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Aww, I have Apple Mac :(
Do you think it would be possible to make an Apple version?
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Yes, there is one actually. You didn't read the description ;)
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Frankie you cutie!
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all of these are working except for frank...
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