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My new 2017 conky configuration

This is my new conky configuration. It was inspired by the work of SLK (conkyrc_grey). I also use a part of his config. If someone is interested for my config, I will be happy to share all the config files !
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you still have this config?
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Yes I have all the config files if you want. However I don't use it already. Actually I use this one : My new 2017.2 conky configuration by flooo68
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I am enjoying your conky.
On first start all is OK.
If I restart conky sometimes I do not see the graphs for cpu,cpu1,cpu2,cpu3,cpu4 and mem graph.
If I killall conky and restart conky the graphs appear....
To be clear I am referring to the linear graphs.
Any ideas most welcome.

Also, the conky I downloaded from the link below does not have;
load graph
nvidia section
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Hi ! Thank you !
I'm sorry ... I don't have any idea how to solve your issue. It looks like a conky bug. Maybe if you update youre conky version you'll not have this bug.
Yes, right. I've remove theres sections.
I hope I helped you !
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Great, you're welcome ! However, why don't you use my "conky.lua" script to show the circular counters as sown in my screenshot ? 
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IDK man i have cairo installed at conky -v but if i check cairo -v its not available ?
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Do you use a debian-based OS (such as ubuntu, etc.) ? If yes, have you installed the "conky-all" package ? Where have you placed the "conky.lua" file ? You must place it in your home folder in a folder call ".conky" (or you must modify the line "~/.conky/conky.lua" in the ".conkyrc" file. I hope I've helped you. Do not hesitate if you have other questions :) (Smile)  !
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Thanks for the help. I edited the .conkyrc file. its now lua_load ~/.conky/NEW/conky.lua and it works
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You're welcome !
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How to edit it to work with a ethernet connection ?
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Hi ! You have to change "wlan0" by "eth1" or "eth0" (depending your configuration) in the ".conkyrc". If you're using a linux-based OS, execute "/sbin/ifconfig" for more information.
Hi, nice config. Where can I get it?
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Hi, thank's ! Follow this link to download my config files :…
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The link seems to be broken?
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