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Window Of Opportunity

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An original acrylic painting on canvas by Flooko
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© 2020 - 2021 FLOOKO
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Fucked amazing man
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thanks brother!

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I love this. Truly a wonderful piece.

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Im happy you like it :)

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You should be. It's superb.

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Greate twilight!
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It's pretty amazing what you manage to create with some acrylic paints on a canvas! The surrealism you go for in the pieces you create shows through vibrantly in its colors and shapes, while telling one different story at a time. And in this artwork, that's no exception!

Starting from the background, the perspective curving the skies and clouds puts the scene on a spotlight of its own, making the viewer focus its view on the horizon, and while the piece has two focal points, both are seen the same time, without one standing out more than the other.

Also, the palette you used to paint the sea and the skies sets a dreamy atmosphere to the painting, one that's reflected neatly on both astronauts and define them not only as painted characters, but also part of the environment they're in!

The interaction between them is very clear, with the poses and gestures building up the moment when their hands touch. In the end, the one on the sea will be pulled to the world inside the frame, in the hopes of finding new excitement and alien lands.

Now, for the improvement part, I think that the sea astronaut should be looking at a higher point (like looking straight up at something). I believe it would emphasize his motion, while making him more expressive, almost like he's desperate for something new to happen!

Concluding, your artwork has a very interesting premise behind it, one that was executed in a neat way with all the colors, textures and the perspective work. It has the power to transport anyone who looks at it to its inner world! Congrats for the gorgeous work, and keep on painting your best! :clap:

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Oh wow, didnt expect such amazing reply, thank you so much for taking the time to do that!

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You’re very welcome! I really enjoy critiquing pieces that catch my interest! Have a nice day! :D

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Amazing is little to describe this! -Hero 💛

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Ah I appreciate that!

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Great concept. Hollybust
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This is awesome :) I love the colors.

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me too :) thanks friend!

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My pleasure! :)

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I like this one too :) thanks man!

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