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A FloofyFoxComic

Chibi Autumn Science By Exceru Karina-dbn4owo

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Tuesdays: 7 PM - 10PM -- A Dash of Peppermint

Wednesday: 12 PM - 4:00PM -- A Dash of Peppermint

Thursday: 7PM - 10PM -- Commission Work ^^(still working on this time)

Saturday: 3:30PM - 7:30PM -- The Lost Seasons

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To Do List

1)Write out scripts

2)FloofyFoxComic comic


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5)TLS Page 16


Welcome peoples, ponies, Pokemon and all to my site, where the dark and the light exist side by side.

Here you'll find critters galore engaged in various stories that are intricate and engaging(I hope) and content ranging from adorable and light to violent and dark. I'm always learning new tricks and techniques with every piece I make and applying them to future pieces, my style is ever changing and evolving, so my art gets better as time goes on. I currently draw mostly ponies and Pokemon, with Ponies being the main focus. However you can also find a few other types of art scattered here and there in my gallery. I hope you enjoy my art.


I make my digital art in Adobe Photoshop CS6 using a Wacom Intuos Pro digital tablet.

Main -sona

Fen Fen Chibi By Tsand106-da86icq

Reference Sheet fav.me/dcgytny

Fen Fen


College student

Athlete, Runner

Hobby, Artist


Thinks about everything waay too much

Favourite Visual Artist
too many to count
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Intersteller, Aliens, The Lego Movie, Zootopia, any Miyazaki film
Favourite TV Shows
The Mandalorian, Walking Dead, Cowboy Bebop, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Red vs Blue, RWBY, Steven Universe, One Piece
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Aviators, Black Gryphon, Mandopony, Owl City, LeeandLie
Favourite Books
Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy, Life and Times of a Winning Pony, Animators Survival Kit
Favourite Writers
Timothy Zahn, Changer McQordith
Favourite Games
Batmittin, Destiny, Halo, Star Wars Battlefront, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Exp. of Sky
Favourite Gaming Platform
Console and PC
Tools of the Trade
digital art, sketching, inking, painting, clay working, stone carving
Other Interests
Running, reading, video gaming
Hello, hi, yes yes I'm not dead....again, So I ended up not doing anything after the last time I said I was coming back. I finally know how to explain what's going on. . . . maybe. I'm kinda just gonna ramble here. SO, for years now I've been taking larger and larger breaks between making stuff. That's because I've been trying to tackle stories FAR larger than I am capable of completing alone. Stories that would take years to complete. And with ADHD being a factor that's just not gonna happen. By the way, my ADHD has apparently been affecting my ability to create. I thought I had overcome it but it's been creeping back into my life since the last years of college. I get stressed about the work needed to create something, then not do it, then feel anxiety about not making any progress, the pressure builds up so much that I finally do something, but then I break for a while to destress, then the cycle repeats. Now though its just building pressure and nothing happens. And
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Hello to all you internet peoples out there and Happy New year!! So it's been a while. This whole past year was definitely a thing. And for me it was basically just a big ol hiatus. But I am ready to come back. To start things off I'm not abandoning any projects at this point, but I will be changing how I go about making them, specifically in their styles. I will also be shifting focus a little bit to include animations, as I am beginning a demo reel to get me to a specific studio! So to keep up with the comics I will be coming up with a specific simpler style for them. I'm going to start by posting what animations I've made so far. For now I will point you to this Pokemon MAP I participated in run by Flavia Elric https://youtu.be/qASyG_W-1-A I've also upgraded to a professional level computer setup. This should hopefully make streams smoother and better to watch, which I will also start doing more of. Once I get my setup ready I will start streaming whenever I do
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Hey yall, One of my buddies ~DarkrexS (https://www.deviantart.com/darkrexs) has some cool adopts up for sell.  Go check em out here and buy one if you're interested! https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/darkrexs/folder/798556/Adopts And if you like those he's got commissions open too!
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happy birthday

My dear, Floofy, merry christmas!

Your Dash of Pepper mint story is Awesome!!

You must read his related stories, it's crazy!!!

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dang, these are next to the best I've read!

Don't forget:


I miss you!!!! >: C