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pls death now ok

last july, after a non-covid related hospitalization, i had a drain in my abdomen that made it so i could not lay on my side to sleep

last august, three days after i got the stupid thing out, and could finally roll over... apparently i slept on a sPIDER...AND IT BIT MY HIP

this weekend, i am having surgery because it became a deep wound because tissue DIED and it spread to my bone and caused a BONE INFECTION, but it took what felt like 2000 years to be able to get the MRI that SHOWED THE INFECTION because the radiologist said they would not do it unless we gave them medical info from 31 years ago .... 

pls set fire to every yellow sac spider you see, they're the worst >:c [but pls do not murder any other spider because they are friends thank u]
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