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forever rain

@/allydrws_ on twitter posted a dtiys [draw this in your style] thing celebrating???? 3k followers!! of course i had to join in u w u
and in typical zee fashion,,,,,overdo it times a billion
this is the original!!

in other news, i am tired of looking at trees and water and now need a nap
[i am....working on realistic.....faces......and i think joon came out really nice!! but do not....expect a lot of.....this lmao. BUT CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO APPRECIATE HOW CUTE MOYA (green koala) IS????? i love,,,,,he :c ... ALSO DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF THE BEAN LOOKIN GUYS???? they look like leaf but ??? are not?????? i just called them bean bois lmao]
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HERE'S THAT PATH IN THE WOODS BG YOU MENTIONED HOLY HECK DUDE U NAILED IT... Joon came out amazing honestly his face looks SO good!! tbh tho what is just SENDING me is the water like DUDE those puddles!! the reflectiveness of them!!! they look EXACTLY right im so impressed dbfhdbv this whole piece is so nice and i love how the trees still have some sketchy lines to them & all...

the clothing folds also look so good over all im just [[chefs kiss]]

id have HATED drawing an umbrella also so yet another gold star for u on that?? it looks perfect

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HONESTLY I TOOK YOUR ADVICE - IT IS AMAZING what copying, pasting, and flipping the same tree over and over again can do :'D [also...custom brush settings to make leaves/bushes...saved my life - I NO LONGER WANNA DRAW ANYTHING INDOORS, too many straight lines, trees are SCRIBBLY]

thank you!! ;; the puddles were an experiment for me, but i am so so happy with how they came out!!

I AM GLAD YOU THINK SO - i still have no idea how i just kinda scribble it in and hope it makes sense :'D [and references if i can...find one that fits....]

the umbrella almost made me ragequit the entire thing, not gonna lie

THREE REFERENCES [INCLUDING the one of joon i used...for the pose itself] and it still made no sense >:C

but it somehow worked out ??? ;;; and thank you!!