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Woke up today at 5 am to hear that my grandfather just died. It wasn't unexpected, seeing as he hadn't been eating or drinking these past few days, and was moved to a retirement home after lying in the hospital for a week due to a stroke, but that doesn't make it easier.

I'll miss you grandpa. :,(
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Since I've been on holiday recently, I've taken a lot of pictures.
I'll upload them when I get the time and when I feel like it.

Photos are taken in:
* Renesse, Zeeland, The Netherlands
* Emmen Zoo, The Netherlands

There might not be any photos at all if I don't like any of them, but that's highly unlikely.
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Alright, second entry. It's a lot easier than I thought.

Today, I finally left the group I spend breaks with for the past few weeks. They're really annoying and sort of bully people a bit, even though I don't think they realise they do. Yesterday one of them, I don't know who specifically, although I have my suspicions :sherlock: hid my bag during Physics, I just sat there ignoring the fact my bag was stolen and told the teacher one of them had hidden it and then I got it back. Today, one of them (not saying any names) threw a load of crumbs over my bag while I was putting my lunchbox back in. During the next break I went to the Headmaster and told him what had happened. JamyBundy had already told him about them teasing me, and I've made sure to thanks her for that. :)
Now he's going to have a talk with them again, and apparently they have a record of teasing and bullying already, so I probably won't be eating with them for quite a while.
So now I spend my breaks with JamyBundy and her friends. They're a lot nicer to me :D

I also found the driver for my Wacom Bamboo tablet!
It's on the official Wacom website, I don't even know why I thought it wouldn't be online... :P
But I still need to install photoshop again :(
I also won't be posting much more art until I get Photoshop again.

So that's my life since the last journal post. Comments are welcome!
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My first entry

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Alright, I've seen a lot of people do these things, and when you see someone else's journal, it all looks so easy. I have never been able to write good journal entries or blog posts because I lose interest halfway through or decide not to post it because I don't feel like it anymore...
But at least I will have tried again this time. Hints and tips are welcome!

Well, as you probably know, school's started again.
The class I'm in seems nicer than last year's class, well, except for some people who keep stealing my pencilcase, but I don't really mind that. I always steal it back anyways :P
And, thank god, there are also a few nice people in the class. Last year, there were almost no nice people in my class, and the few that did act nice weren't really friends or looked like they wanted to be. At least this year there are some people who I think would make great friends :D

I've also found out that my parents keep all the [digital] photos on a separate Hard Drive, so I "borrowed" it and it's currently sitting atop my messy, messy desk. I occassionally take some photos and edit them using Picnik.com since I lost photoshop during the latest crash and now my CD drive isn't working, it takes the disc, spins it for 30 seconds and ejects it. :(
If you think the effects are getting too repetitive, feel free to... no, PLEASE tell me and give me any tips or hints you can.

Due to the same problem with said CD drive, I can't install the CD for my Wacom 'Bamboo' tablet either... :( I'll see if I can find it online, but I don't think I will...
Just a while after I got that tablet, my laptop crashed, so I've never really been able to use it. :dead:
The only drawing that I did make, didn't save, because of another smaller crash. :doh:

Anyways, that was my journal entry, I hope you've... enjoyed it.
I'll try to keep on writing this, but I can't promise anything.
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