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Artist // Hobbyist // Artisan Crafts
  • July 5, 1985
  • United States
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My Bio

"Never play an Ace when a Two will do." ~ Great Red Dragon (Bone - Jeff Smith)

My mediums of choice: clay, drawing, sculpture, photography, some digital coloring, perler beads.

I do requests on occasion; see my journal for details.

If you see any of my line arts that you wish to color, feel free to, as long as you link to my original deviation in your description, and send me a note or comment with your deviation's link, because I'd love to see it and reciprocate linking.

If I don't post or respond in a "timely" manner, it's probably because I'm busy; I have a full time job teaching, and some other 'per Diem' things I do on occasion as well, plus the usual at home chores and other familial obligations. Also to note, I do this for *fun*, so if my schedule's busy, or there's something more appealing/pressing to me, my focus will be on that real life stuff first.

Favourite Visual Artist
CLAMP, DevArtist Geofffffff, DevArtist MattWilson83, Yoshitaka Amano
Favourite Movies
Ghostbusters, Clue, Princess Bride
Favourite TV Shows
Stargate SG1, Bleach, Adventure Time, Supernatural, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Toonami
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Eagles, AC-DC, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nobuo Uematsu
Favourite Books
Dresden Files
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy series, Legend of Zelda
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Acrylic Paints, Hot Glue, Duct Tape, Exacto Knife, Perler Beads, Electric Iron, Pencil and Paper

Request Guidelines

January 2021 ~ Requests Often people will ask for requests from me, and I'm happy to oblige. Be of note though some general guidelines: I offer some requests periodically on a first come first serve basis. I accept or decline requests at my discretion. If it's subject matter I'm not comfortable with, or if it just doesn't pique my interest, I will decline. I am NOT an art machine/photocopier. It takes me time to do requests so have patience. I do this as a hobby, for FUN in my free time. I have a full time job and other real life obligations, so again, patience is required. My request status is posted in my tagline on my Deviant page/front page. This will give you an indicator if I am accepting requests, and how many at the present time. Requests should be posted as a comment on my Deviant page/front page, a comment on this journal, or in a note to me, not shoehorned into deviation page comments. It's easier for me to keep track of who's requested what, when and where. Keep the
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Ever since Sir Leon had met those two squires introducing themselves as 'Bill S. Preston and Ted "Theodore" Logan', he had never been quite the same. @Team @DasGnomo @el-grimlock
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"Geez, the dude can't claw things about, see in the dark, and only has one life, how are you supposed to be able to win at this game?" @Team @TsaoShin
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Hey, any chance you can do Lisa and Darcy from The Loud House scuba diving together with full face masks so I can see their facial expressions?

Log in again, Flood7585! I'm just diving in to say hello, wish you a Happy Spooktober and hope you have a Happy Halloween in advance too!

And keep up the good work too while we're at it!

can you please do true in her bikini underwater without her scuba mask? with puffy cheeks?

Is there any way you could draw true just wearing her swimsuit?

True Scuba Full Mask Color Stripe Bikini

Thank you for the llama!

I appreciate the support! :)