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By Flonum
Was fun to draw this with my new Wacom artpen.
Hope you like it :)
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I am interested in having some artwork done for my book I am almost done. My website (still under construction and just in concept stages is at It needs artwork to help it. I will finish the text/content soon..

If you are interested in doing some freelance work please contact me at and please cc

Love your work!!

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*punches back the urge to shout out "Diggy, diggy hole"* This is awesome!
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Thank you <3
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I feel like a hypocrite for saying this but i think that left hand should be bigger.

Love that face but i am not sure if he is paranoid that the other will steal his gold or urging him to hurry up.
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Your right, his hand should be bigger ;)
This guy is a leader, or the boss or something like that. So yeah he makes sure that the other hurry up and do his job.
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classe ton nain.... ^ ^ t'as fait du sacré boulot mon vieux
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Nice expression in his face!
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Thank you ! :) His face was my favourit part in the process ^^
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Hey yeah super good!
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Very cool drawing. :nod:
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Amazing, love the details and the light
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Thank you, i'm happy to hear that because the details and especialy the light were my focus
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Love to see how a professional artist works, thanks
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Bravo pour l'effet tunnel :)
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Ouééé des nains poilus :D !!!
Flonum's avatar
Oué avec de la barbe bien grasse et gorgée de bière !
jackpot-comics's avatar
Du VRAI nain, quoi :squee: !
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