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Rescue Japan WIP

Please lend a hand in saving Japan from its ongoing calamities.

A high amount of radiation is leaking from the fires and explosions of the four nuclear power plants in Fukushima prefecture. [read more on the radiation hazard], over 2000 bodies have been found on the coastal areas of Miyagi prefecture and still many more are trapped under rubble [more on tsunami aftermath], and food and electricity shortages are occurring daily across the mainland [more on power cuts].

You can help by making donations to organizations such as:

THE RED CROSS (text REDCROSS to 90999 or visit their site here)


INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS (text MED to 80888 or visit their site here)

If you are a Japanese youth or college student, you can lend a hand by joining YOUTH FOR 3.11 to help with reconstruction projects once the Self-Defense Forces and government gives the OK for civilian volunteer participation.

Thank you!
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Hello my Artist friend! I have a good news! The Project is finnish! You can see this of Youtube! Thank you so much, for you help! 
I hope you like it!…
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Oh wow. the emotion expressed in this picture is just astoundingly amazing. great work
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From one artist to another: Please read my message until the end. I would like to ask something of you. You drew a picture in regards to "Japan 2011-03-11". I would linke to use your piece of art for my project. I started this project on facebook, you will find it under Pray & Remember 2011-03-11 or follow the link. I don't want that catastrophe to be forgotten. Too many Japanese had to give their lives. I want to show them respect - the dead as well as the survivors. Let us both achieve something. Of course your name will be mentioned - it is your piece of art after all. Even if you do not want to participate in this project I would be more than happy if you had a look at the project. I am thankful for every member. I want to reach out to as many people as possible. I thank you very much for reading until the end. Thank you, my friend.…
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Hello and thank you for your message. Yes, I would be more than happy for you to use this illustration. I am actually in the process of updating the illustration because it was left at a "work in progress" and I want to clean up the picture to a better quality. I will let you know once it is updated (sometime in early March).
Zorro-des-Meeres's avatar
Good day! Many thanks for your response! That pleases me very much! I thank you that you need to help me! You can always write me.
 I like to wait ^^
A human being can possibly achieve much .... But if any help, then we make a difference. We artists have to stick together ^^
Thank you my friend! 
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I don't know why this doesn't have a DD...
3taro's avatar
This art moved my herat...
I did't know "YOUTH FOR 3.11" until I saw your pic.
But I'm not student(& youth), what a crying shame!
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this picture will go well together with Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros.
hope you can check it out on youtube or something when you get the chance
flominowa's avatar
Oooh I listen to Sigur Ros, too, but I never came around this one! It has more of Jonsi's touch to it, doesn't it? I really like it! Thank you for sharing!
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Oh my! This is an amazingly done concept! Very powerful!
flominowa's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you think so! c:
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esta ilustración está bellisíma, y es justo lo que quieres decir y lo que sientes... abrazos
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I REALLLY want to help.... But im just a kid...

But this very beautiful... ^^
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This is one of my favourite pictures that have to do with Japan. It is both the most original and also one of the most sensitive and actually informing ones. :) Thanks for all the links, as well.
flominowa's avatar
Thank you very much!! c:
nillia's avatar
This is one of the only pictures that is addressing the situation sensitively and effectively, as well as linking to donation sites.

flominowa's avatar
Thank you so much for that comment! I'm very touched that you think so.
G-E-Oriens's avatar
And Second Harvest Japan! [link]
flominowa's avatar
Certainly. Thank you for sharing, Gyp!
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I saw the footage of the Japanese soldier carrying the old man on his back. Thank you for putting that into this picture, regardless of whether or not it was intentional.
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I was so moved when I saw this... I am so worried with Japan, I really do hope that everyone who can, do your part to help Japan!
Thank you for your art:)
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This is beautiful, the face of the elderly man brings tears to my eyes. Bless you for this piece. I've donated, but I'm happy to see people honor Japan at the least with works like these. Thank you.
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