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Love, Puzzle Bobble 2 style

By FloisonKeya
fail title XD

PC for :iconpnffan101: Hope you like!

Woolen and Chunchun holding Bub (Bubblun) and Bob (Bobblun) from Puzzle Bobble 2/ Bust-a-Move again. I love this game!

Background is by me too.
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Just remembered how much I love Woolen! <3 I just made the connection between my memories of her from playing Bust-a-Move 2 ages ago and seeing this pic now... 
I really loved the BGM from her stage...
And I can't forget about Chun-Chun ... :w00t:
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Very well done.  Love the line work.  Woolen's one of my favorite characters from the series.  Recently dug through a box of old PS1 games at my cousin's place and found Bust-A-Move 4.  Nostalgia depression suddenly kicked in immediately lol...
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Thanks! Yeah, Woolen is such a cutie pie but I gotta say my favourite is Priccio from PB3. Oh, nice! Wish I could find my copy of PB4, seem to have lost it years ago. :/ Yep, I get those feelings too just looking over my old N64 cartridges :XD:  
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very cute picture
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I loved Puzzle Bobble 2 when I was a kid! I even gave the characters cute little nicknames when I played! ;v;
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Hands down this is one of my favorite pictures of the puzzle bobble series on this site. It would be good enough for a cartoon.
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Thanks sooooooo much.

And this is, hand down, one of the loveliest things that has been said to me on this site. It's true!
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You know this may seem a little silly but your picture reminded me of something. ^ That isn't the oringinal Bub/Bub from Bubble Bobble. These are there this actually might be canon seeing as how Woolen flirted with Bub in Puzzle Bobble II/IV & A Special Victory Pose in Super puzzle Bobble (Arcade version).....interesting...thanks
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So in this drawing there is Woolen + Bub and Chunchun + Bob's children? Interesting, never would've seen it that way myself. And yeah WoolenxBub is canon, so you never know!
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no no that's not what i mean.

In Bubble Bobble (Nes/Arcade). The oringinal Bub/Bob went and saved there girlfriends Betty & Patty. I believe The Bust a move/Puzzle Bobble 1,2,3,4 & Super Puzzle Bobble is the oringinal Bubble bobble's Bub/bob kids...woolen & Chunchun are just new girls who i believe started liking this Bub/Bob incarnation. It's kinda weird for such a simple story game isn't it lol.
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Ohhh right. That makes more sense than what I thought you were saying before. Yeah a little, but you have a wild imagination. And that's good.
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Bottom line complicated story aside I agree with this picture lol.
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They look so adorable, your art style is cute. :)
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My favorite game!
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Awesome! It's certainly one of mine too :D
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nice to know, see you later!
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