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PA side event - The secret recipe is... by FloDoodling PA side event - The secret recipe is... by FloDoodling
So, here is Clay in the home economic course. He can't really cook anything beside grilling something. That's why, to avoid people laughing at him and to avoid the chef go to the hospital after eating his cooking, he made Barbecue Skewer.  Because he only knows how to cook simple things. The chef; Riccardo, of course impressed by Clay's attempt. (While some female students from behind both gazing Clay with envious because of his cooking and because he got male chef as companions---) He then ask Clay to remember one thing; "You have to give all of your feelings to the food in order to made it delicious." and offer to train him as well as his team mates if its necessary.

Meanwhile, of course Miss Lizzie wouldn't let the opportunity to cook with the students go away. So, she get rid of the securities to enter the EC class. Super isn't it?
gotta go draw him with other members afterward since i need to boost their stat as well. (even thought it kinda useless---)
anyways... let's take a peek of this dark skinned and super wavy light brown haired chef---- this section might contain so many words of "food"----

"A good food is the one which made by the combination of full efforts and love!"
Name : Riccardo Albert
Nickname : Riccard, "Culinary Adventurer" (title), Food-head (joke nickname)
Age : 35
Gender : Male
Birthdate : 20th June
Nationalty : Half American, Half French (But he is not fluent in French---)
Job :Chef (specialized at  main dishes and making simple food looks super classy)
Height : 190 cm
Weight : 51 kg (or so?)
Personality :
Riccard is a kind person with a high loves in food. A calm individual but could go all out when someone talking about food. (Food ish love and food ish live--- //slapped) He also have a bad sense of humor. Only could jokes about culinary jokes. He is a hardworker that only want to make sure that his works filled with perfection and loves to improvise to create something new. He also pretty creative. especially when it come to garnishes. Just be sure to not made him mad especially in or nearby the kitchen... because he can be super dangerous when he is mad. (You don't want frying pan strikes you or kitchen knife slash you, right? :3) He also really mature, and there are also some girls who interested to get close to him, but he just didn't notice it. (again, because of food.)

Biography :
When Riccard still a child, he was just an average boy with no talents yet dreams, he spend all the time at home by himself because his parents always working. One day, when he is in middle school, he found a poor kid that was about to faint because of hunger in front of his house.  Riccard, was confused because there is no more leftover food in the fridge and in the table. But there is some ingredients for making a soup. With the help of a little cookbook he found, he tried to cook a simple portion of vegetable soup. The kid sips it and he suddenly feel happy and warm. He quickly drink all of the soup. Seeing his bright expression, Riccard start to be "amazed" by "the power of food" that could brings joy just by eating it.

He then start to aim to be the best chef out there, everyday only watching cooking related shows, books and others. The other boys taunt at him, saying that cooking is only for girls, but he didn't care about that stuff. He only focus on his hobby.

Shortly after graduation, with his parents approval, he travels around the world, looking for unique ingredients and cooking tips from chefs and adventurers he mets. Beside that, he also joins many cooking competition in order to raise his ability. There are many peoples that imperessed by his cooking which in their opinion "have a magic that brings everyone smiles".

After that long trip, he opens his own restaurant on the name "Riccard's food paradise" and the restaurant is well known worldwide. it's popularity is enough to made him invited to teach the student in Patrician Academy how to cook as special guest.

likes : all kinds of foods, cooking, culinary books, his precious cooking utensils and chef suit, research on new cooking ingredients. //slapped
dislikes : not edible meat/plants, non-culinary books, unsatisfied costumers, someone disturb his cooking/annoys him, someone who is picky about food.

additional information :
> Loves to force people to eat food if the people refuses to eat it.
> have a high level of appetite. But never get fat.
> Anything that he loves besides food is (secretly) sports and traveling.
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Sakuchu Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I think Akari and the cook can become good friends, since she loves to receive free food! xD
FloDoodling Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess they could. :3
Sakuchu Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Want to try doing a rp about that? o7o xD
//Clay can also be in it lol
FloDoodling Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh... sure!
MikaTheBlueKitty Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Aww, lovelyX3
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