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FFXIV: An Ishgardian Masquerade

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Playing an FFXIV Dungeons and Dragons 5e homebrew with friends; meet my lalafell machinist, Oko Okoko. :3c The Okoko family deals in fine gems in Ul'dah, but Oko's parents moved their branch of the family business out to Ishgard when she was a preteen. Though they well established themselves, Oko's parents have fallen on harder times in recent years, with caravans of their shipments mysteriously disappearing.

To help fill the family coffers, Oko picked up a gun and started picking up leve quests back home with the Ul'dah Adventurer's Guild. There, she found herself amongst a strange and eclectic group and, of course, going down some strange and eclectic adventures. Including an Ishgardian masquerade, which I simply could not resist drawing. <3

FFXIV/lalafells (c) Square Enix
Oko/art (c) FlockofFlamingos
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