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Exactly what it looks like

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Vote for Emil here in the Masquerade here!
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This is one of the more slightly ridiculous things I've drawn. It looks fairly out of place in my gallery, really; I don't draw silly stuff very often. XD

So what is this? As the title says, it is exactly what it looks like.

It is my Shoyru Emilairon dressed up as Sailor Moon.

Wow I never thought I would type that.

It's for the BC Masquerade this week. xD Someone else drew her (female!) Wocky dressed up as Tuxedo Mask and was asking if anyone would like to draw one of their pets as Sailor Moon to kind of go along with it. So I, being crazy, said "Sure!"

And poor Emil suffers. P= But he's cool. As long as he gets to nom donuts the entire week, I think he'll suffer the inhumanity.

Emilairon (c) me
Shoyrus/Wockies/Beauty Contest (c)
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! That's a Shoyru? I couldn't see the wings or the 'head spike'
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The head spike is visible behind the wig, and the wings are behind the body. =) Wings aren't always unfurled, after all.
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okay. I see the spike.
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bawww, I wish I'd known you were doing this, I may have joined in on the fun lol xD
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Lol yeah I just managed to hear about it while I was advertising last week.
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Ffff beautiful. <3
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gutter-child's avatar
I'm scared, yet he looks good in a skirt.
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I think it's the shapely legs he's got goin' on.
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