Nov. - Dec. Feature - Baby, It's Cold Outside!

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Keeping Birds Warm In The Cooler Months

Most pet bird species come from areas with warm, tropical climates. Because their bodies are built to endure heat, cold weather can mean big trouble for an exotic bird with no protection. To make sure that winter weather doesn't put your pet's health at risk, keep the following tips in mind when preparing for the changing seasons:
Sleepy Boy by xBlackOutXx Lady Dweezil Retires. by MagicRat Lovebird 2 by roscheri:thumb693401937::thumb694730736::thumb697941093: Hate to wake you up... by emmil Wee Welsummer. by MagicRat pigeon pomf by Nukeleer A covered lovebird by weeze999 Cocoa and his new blanket by SilverWolfAJ The Perfect Nest by CuriousCreatures A jedi lovebird by emmil Eeyore in a towel by Nukeleer Heineken by LeoKatana
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon Indoor bird cages should be kept away from windows and doors at night, covered at all 4 sides with no gaps, or opportunity for drafts.
Heat lamps or portable heaters can be used during the night or when the room gets too cold. They should be placed in the corner where your bird generally sleeps, however it shouldn’t be placed too close to the cage as overheating can occur.
:thumb708069749: That is my spot! by zPinkTuna I'm Hiding by bltopping Gizmo ready to sleep by CaramelFeather Fluffy Birdy Perch by QuantumSeraphim Sleepy Cairo! by Cosmic-Phoenyx Loki's done by ghelfaire Pippin in my workshirt 2 by FeynaSkydancer I own this spot by emmil Tehehe! by EternalLoveAngle SoftParrots|African Grey Coconut Snooze by pillowglitch
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon “Bird Tents” or “Snuggle Huts” are an option however; there should be an emphasis on care and EXTRA monitoring when using these items as some birds are prone to chewing their fabric fibers.
If that is the case then removal is necessary as the material fibers can injure your bird, by entanglement or by intestinal obstruction over time.
Natural fiber huts made from coconut or sea grass are a safer option and provide good insulation and shelter for your bird.
Peanut and the smaller nuts by emmil Let me in! by emmil Odd Couples by Sheather888 Love birds by RoosmaRoo Friends of a Feather by ArtofJefferyHebert Sleepy Birdies by ankewehner Cuddling by Innocentium Put your left foot in.... by MaresaSinclair
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon If keeping multiple birds together is an option (if they get along with no issues), then that can also help with warmth as they snuggle up to each other exchanging body heat.
Yellow canary by Girovis Maui Approved 2 by Windthin Can't talk... by Phoenix-Cry
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon Feeding birds extra food at night just before sleep helps them to circulate heat through their bodies. Digestion keeps their metabolic rate up.
Raja in his one grey sweater. by Interess dog by Tytoquetra Bird in a sweater sketch by AngryLittleBurd Chicken up a sleeve by Aymea
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon Bird vests and sweaters are an option for birds who feather pluck or are used to an indoor environment and are outside during a cool part of the day. You should never put clothing on your bird without thorough training first, the same as applied for harness training.
CPR Birds XII by LDFranklin Green Cheeks by ArtofJefferyHebert Papao swinging like Tarzan by emmil
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon During the day, plenty of opportunities for exercise, flight, and enrichment, and playtime with toys also help regulate body warmth through activities. Food foraging is another great, relaxing way to do this.
Noel by Morphine-Cloud Rigg by Noesberry Marujito, my canary bird by Apoloelmaschulo Indian Ringneck by jessieiii Sweet by HoofbeatsnPawprints Sunlight Spots on a Golden Bird by Zarwaa Niko in the spring (: by mistty002 Alexandrine Parrot by AaryaStark
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon Keeping cages near windows where sunlight comes inside directly during the day is a good warming opportunity. However be aware and mindful of overheating your birds, and while most birds enjoy sunbathing, you should always offer a shady spot within the enclosure for your bird to opt for.
African Grey Parrot 03 by LazyCheetahPhotos Just Like Sisters by TheReapersApprentice Grill by kneipho peacock by KhleoX0 The Budgie Cage by Boshart-molder:thumb662820603: Golden pheasant by Just-a-Dreemurr Portrait Of Duck Duck by dramaticpeanut Eye of a Dragon by PyroNinja91
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon Birds in outdoor aviaries, pens or flight cages should be provided access to shelter - small enclosed spaces with nest boxes in them, where there are no drafts - for dry spaces and warmth. A wind breaker like solid plastic sheeting should also be attached in winter months.
Outdoor birds should be given access to free flowing air, natural sunlight and clean flooring. Generally concrete covered by a substrate like compacting gravel is easily cleaned, quick drying and provides a surface that won’t injure birds if they fall onto it.
GentleGreys|Wonder by pillowglitch Parrot Varris by Atanata Einstein's Panaroma of Hell by Buterflyeffect Winter Parrot by BlackjackGabbiani Proud Canadian Cluck. by MagicRat Winter Wonderland Chick by Innocentium:thumb710717500:
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon In places where it snows or temperatures fall to below 32° F (0° C) heat lamps with caging to prevent smashing or chewing of electrical cords - should be used in the sheltered part of the aviary.
Cozy Parrot by greencheek:thumb654127820: Winter Budgie by The-Wandering-Bird tielhat by Shalmons It's hailing Pippin by FeynaSkydancer Orange Scarf Lovebird by The-Wandering-Bird HOLIDAY CARD: Comfort And Joy by Brushfeather DeviantID by Filiana Christmas Birdies by Strange-Argument
Taking steps to properly heat your birds' environment are necessary for their health and comfort. Using these tips, it should be easy to keep your feathered friend nice and toasty until spring rolls back around. Stay warm and have a great November!
Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon Snowflake [F2U] by Lanahpyon
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:heart: Special thanks to all the awesome people whose bird art and photos make these features possible!
Pepito 3 by xXnekokawaiiXx Warmest Wishes - HOLIDAY CARD by Brushfeather SoftParrots|Lovebird snuggle shy by pillowglitch
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Thanks for the feature. Mango soooo stuffed his beak that day!
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Thanks for the great insight! Always fascinated how parrots enjoy their winter times.
Life-saving knowledge of Love for all to spread and share!
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Ah thank you for this!! Just curious what is a good temperature to leave any place at? Its getting winter time so i was just curious i live in the midwest!
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Our pleasure!Confused Parakeet emoticon most pet birds comfort range is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Birds can handle a wide range of temperature, but they need time to adjust. Any increases and decreases must be slow and gradual so the bird doesn’t overheat or suffer hypothermia.

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