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Bird Photography by Yuukon Give me that by NightMagican Senegal Parrot and Canon XL1s by Dreamspirit

If you aren't sure how to submit your pet bird art and photos, here are directions. Also you ask in the future via comment or note, we will happily link you to this journal :)

Crazy Tongue by fennecx emperor bord by oki-oki

0. Join our group! We don't bite. :iconcockatielplz:  :iconrainbowbudgieplz:

1. Go to our group home page and click 'Gallery'

2. Open the folder that your bird should belong to. If you aren't sure, submit to 'Open Submission Folder.' and we'll get it into the right folder for you.

3. In the upper right hand corner there will be a button which says 'submit to this folder' - click on that.

4. Now select your artwork.

5. Click 'submit'.

6. Your work will be sent for approval from us, which usually takes anywhere from a few minutes to a day.

:icongetsomeplz: Here is a list of our group's acceptable birds:

List of Acceptable BirdsSmall psittacines
:bulletblack: Budgerigar (budgie)
:bulletblack: Cockatiel
:bulletblack: Conures
:bulletblack: Kakarikis
:bulletblack: Lovebirds (Agapornis)
:bulletblack: Lorikeets
:bulletblack: Moustached parakeet
:bulletblack: Monk (A.K.A Quaker Parrot)
:bulletblack: Brotogeris species (Tui, Canary wing, etc)
:bulletblack: Indian Ringneck parakeet
[Bullet; Black] Rosellas
[Bullet; Black] Pacific Parrotlets
[Bullet; Black] Bourke’s (bourkies, blue-vent)
[Bullet; Black] Red Rump (grass parrot)
[Bullet; Black] Lineolated (barred) parakeet
*Domestic standardized breeds and hybrids are always accepted.
No feral or wild ones.
[Bullet; Black] Chickens
[Bullet; Black] Quail  
[Bullet; Black] Ducks
[Bullet; Black] Turkeys
[Bullet; Black] Peafowl
[Bullet; Black] Geese
Large Psittacines
[Bullet; Black] Pionus parrots
[Bullet; Black] African Grey Parrots
[Bullet; Black] Senegal and Meyers Parrots
[Bullet; Black] Caiques
[Bullet; Black] Macaws
[Bullet; Black] Amazon parrots
[Bullet; Black] Co


Please help Flock-Together to continue to provide its members with amazing avian art and snapshots;
Contribute your feathered friends!

a cool boy by Slenderboo Bathing bird by cicakkia SoftParrots|Galah Cockatoo by pillowglitch
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What's That? by amaliabastos
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The Group for Awesome Pet Bird People!


List of Acceptable Birds

Welcome to Flock-Together! We are a group that is dedicated to educating people about the proper pet bird care while collecting and promoting awesome pet bird art. Hopefully everyone can learn something new or get to know other bird lovers, fans and hobbyists while here in this group.

*Disclaimer: Do not self-diagnose or self-treat. This group is for entertainment and informational purposes only. If your bird is sick please seek immediate veterinary assistance. Advice given is not intended to replace proper vet care.

Five Birds - tori no iro by birnimal

*group avatar made by Kageh

Gallery Folders

gang gang by asnicole
Barred Parakeet by calllipso
Pepe by Clamrino2307
Adorable budgie by greencheek
Photos and Snapshots
Vietnamese Pheasant by Innocentium
Sleepy Heads by Innocentium
Sylvester (Updated) by Innocentium
Chickies and Chick Plush by Innocentium
Digital Art
Cockatiel animation by Easis
Flowy by G-ravenimage
[Commission] Pancake and Maple by merue
[Commission] Ice Cream Elvis by Mary-fflufybird
Traditional Art
Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrot (head only) by Brandonwood1000000
Rooster by naspdep
Bird for Sofia by Yullapa
Sir Fleckchen by naspdep
Artisan Crafts
Parakeet Ring by FairyWishesWishFairy
Sulphur-crested cockatoo by FeltsOfFancy
Jaffa the Plush Budgie by makeshiftwings30
The derpy birbs by decors
Pixel Art
[Free to Use] Fat Cockatiel Icon by Paepper
[F2U] pintail duck icon by Shalmons
{$} Miliito Static avatar by RatteJak
[Personal Art] Loki Leg Day by PlNFEATHER
Parrots-thank-you by SnowbirdCreations
Vintage Greenwing Macaw Icon - Animated by Yesterdays-Paper
Vintage Greenwing Macaw Icon - left by Yesterdays-Paper
Vintage Greenwing Macaw Icon - right by Yesterdays-Paper
Open Submission Folder
budgie by peregyr
DUNGEONS and PARROTS - Perla by Lupo-alla-Luna
Catzawa And Parrot Mic by CreamxPooff
Blue and Gold Macaw by ARJB612
Photos and Snapshots 2
Duck Duck Goose by BrochJam
Imposter (Hybrid Mallard/Black Duck) by BrochJam
Couch Chicks by Innocentium
Chickie's Bunny Skirt by Innocentium
Journals and Literature
Resources and Stock
Polly Want A . . .? by Yesterdays-Paper
Digital Art 2
Cupcake White Java Finch by Mary-fflufybird

Group Info

:iconyellowpiedbudgieplz: WELCOME! :iconcockatielplz: :icondiamonddoveplz:
We're a pet birds group that also educates on how to take great care of our feathered friends.

Our flock contains hundreds of photographs, traditional art, artisan crafts and digital renderings of finches, budgies, lovebirds, conures, Amazon and African Grey parrots, domestic pigeons and doves, macaws, cockatoos, rosellas, parakeets, canaries, turkeys and chickens, cockatiels and much more! Whether you're a bird keeper or hopeful bird parent, or just a fan of domesticated avians and bird photography, there's something in our group to interest you!

Artwork needs to meet at least one of the following criteria to display in the Flock galleries -
:bulletblack: Art of your pet birds (see approved list above)
:bulletblack: Art of birds that can be pets (again, see list)
:bulletblack: Anthropomorphic art based on your pet birds
:bulletblack: Anthropomorphic art of approved birds (see list)
:bulletblack: People or other pets with your pet birds

No longer accepted (as of 1-1-2017)
:bulletblack: Lined paper / notebook paper
:bulletblack: Birds not on approved list
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Feb 21, 2012


Group Focus
Common Interest

1,028 Members
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Our birds. Let us show you them. . .

cockatiel tantrum by LifeisDANK

GentleGreys|Celebrate Life by pillowglitch

Bird Photography by Yuukon

Pineapple Green Cheek Conure by KrazyRatLady


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