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Closing commission while I get through the remainder of my waitlist so I don't get overwhelmed. Thank you so much for the amazing support! It makes me really happy to know that you all are interested in my art :heart: 


Commission Info 2020 1 by FloatySkye
Commission Info 2020 2 by FloatySkyeCommission Info 2020 3 by FloatySkyeCommission Info 2020 4 by FloatySkye

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers


  • Payment only through Paypal
  • Half after sketch and Half after completion
  • I will send you progress shots in the intervals below, but feel free to ask for one at anytime during the whole process

sketch > clean sketch > half payment > base colour > low resolution, watermarked finished drawing > half payment > full resolution non-watermarked drawing


  • I ask that you credit me and link it back to my page if you wish to share the commissioned piece through other social media.
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission if I am not comfortable drawing the given material.
  • I reserve the right to use a commission for the purposes of promoting my art (social media borders, commission info, etc). If I were to use your commission for a product like an art book (if ever), I will ask your permission about it and you have every right to decline participating.
  • If I contact you regarding a commission and you do not respond within 24 hours, I will move on to the next client and you will be queued in after them.

For now, I will be opening 10 slots for the next 3 months. If you are interested, message/email/contact me. I'm also available on discord if you'd like to dm me there, I'll definitely reply a lot faster than Deviantart notes. 

Have a wonderful day~

Discord: Aurelia#0657

Paypal Email Address:

Slots (July-August)

  1. Sahar T'lali
  2. Shaina
  3. silif-art
  4. MisterCross
  5. xsuisenx

Slots (August-September)

  1. Phoebix09
  2. Stationmaster_T
  3. Crystal Andrews
  4. Jay
  5. fated-sin

Commission Status and Full List

Full waiting list can be viewed here : Commission List

© 2019 - 2021 FloatySkye
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Is your waiting list still open? If so, I'd like to be added if possible. I've been searching for someone to be able to draw mine and my friend's FFXIV characters. Especially, since his character is a Hrothgar, not many people willing to draw furry characters.

FloatySkye's avatar

Hello there, thank you so much for taking interest in my work! :D For now my commission list is closed while I get through my current queue. I can add you to my wait list and contact you once commissions reopen again if you'd like? Not completely sure when they'll reopen but it'll most likely be in November at earliest. I completely understand if that's too long of a wait though.

And I'm very open to drawing furry characters. Hrothgar's are fun to draw even though I don't get to draw them very often ^^ Would you like me to link you my hrothgar drawings so you can gauge whether I'm the right artist for you and your friend?

Kazimo's avatar

I've actually looked through your gallery and seen a lot of your hrothgar artwork. I really liked them, so yes, I am very interested in being put on your waiting list. Thank you so much, I don't mind the wait.

FloatySkye's avatar

Ah ok thank you so much! I've added your name to the list and will contact you again when commissions reopen. Is DeviantArt notes fine or would you prefer it if I contacted you using a different way?

Kazimo's avatar

Deviantart notes works

FloatySkye's avatar

Ok sounds good! ^^

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I’m quite interested in these, specifically the circle borders. They look so cool and I have two characters I’d love to see drawn like that :D

FloatySkye's avatar

Thank you so much for your interest! :heart: Currently my slots are filled but I can add you on my waitlist if you'd like to commission me for the circle borders, I should be able to get to you by October at earliest. It's totally fine if that's too long of a wait though ^^

ShadaStorm120's avatar

That sounds great to me, it gives me plenty of time to save up some money and put aside for it so I can be patient :D thank you :D

FloatySkye's avatar

Ok sounds good ^^ I'll contact you again once I've reached your turn. Is there a specific way you'd prefer me to contact you or is Deviantart Notes fine?

ShadaStorm120's avatar

Notes are fine unless you’d prefer something like discord or something :D

FloatySkye's avatar

I'm fine with using either one ^^ Though I'm a lot faster responding on Discord

ShadaStorm120's avatar

Okay, well if you want to chat on discord, I’m ShadaStorm120 there too. My number is #1512 :D

FloatySkye's avatar

Ok thank you, I'll add you there in a bit :D

MisterCross's avatar

oh my god babe. a lot of people are on ur list! let me know when it will be open, okay~? :love:

FloatySkye's avatar
Haha, I'm like trying my best to get through them, there's so many @.@ Of course, I should be able to reopen slots by June at earliest. I'll let you know once it reopens. Is there a preferred way to contact you or is Deviantart notes fine?
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Notes on DA are okay :):D

FloatySkye's avatar

Ok sounds good, thank you so much :D

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I'd like to grab a slot for february =3
FloatySkye's avatar
Of course, I'll add you in :D Thank you so much for your continued support
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Your final fantasy comms have been VERY tempting... hrngh. How long's your waitlist looking at the moment?
FloatySkye's avatar
Haha, glad I've caught your interest xDD I got about 4 more people to go through before I'm out of commissions to work on. So if you do reserve a spot now, the earliest time that I might get to your turn is within a month or so?
silif-art's avatar
Let's do it, put me in! — take your time getting through the list though, and keep up the AMAZING work :heart:
FloatySkye's avatar
Ahaha for sure, I'll add you in! Thank you so much for your continued support :hug::heart:
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