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Fanbook Once Upon A Time
Hello everyone ! So several monthes ago I decided to gather some of my Ouat strips (you can see them on my Tumblr blog) in a fanbook, specially because some of my followers asked for it. IT IS DONE ! You can find it on Lulu.com : http://www.lulu.com/shop/flora-graizon/ouat-fanbook/paperback/product-21962785.html It's only 6 euros (but there are shipping costs) and if I reach at least 100 sales, I would be able to make a Captain Swan fanbook as well ! It's up to you ;) Kisses my dearies !
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News : fanbook and holiday
:new: Hello guys, what's up ? So some of you already know that I'm working on a fanbook (with one of my friend's help). I don't know how many time i'll work on it but hey, I feel I can finish it before december. IMPORTANT Since I post all my stuff on Tumblr BEFORE doing it on Deviantart, I fell behind and now I have to catch up. So all the strips and fanarts I'll post won't be in the right order, I'm sorry, but I wanted to warn you. Hope you won't be confused by this shit. Anyway, in one week, i'm going to Ireland for my holiday !! It's gonna be great, even if I feel a bit stressed by the fact I'll have to speak in english XD But no big d
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Happy Birthday lovie!!!!Adventure Toy Cupcake - FNAF World - GIF Icon Sini Birthday Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday 
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Happy Birthday!! moonflower pullmonaria Lotus :LongStemRose: :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 :Lotus: - NaNoEmo :BlackEyedSusan: - NaNoEmo 09 
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Happy B-Day!!!
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Christmas Tree :HappyNewYear: Christmas Tree 
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I wish I could post a fun Hook gif for you, but alas, I have none.

His face isn't all Hook like (I'm still working realism, bear with me) but have a Captain!

Mature Content

The Captain's Chambers by J-Cody
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Happy birthday!
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                            Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 
Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 :clap: The X3 emoticon The X3 emoticon :clap: Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 
                           Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 
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